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    27 Utterly Devastating TV Scenes People Don't Talk Enough About

    "Please, just hold me."

    Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the underrated sad TV scenes they think should be talked about more. Here are some of the best!


    1. On 9-1-1: Lone Star, when Grace connected an astronaut to his family so he could say goodbye as he died:

    the astronaut tells his daughter that he'll always be up in space looking over her, and Grace cries, then the astronaut's daughter asks "Daddy? Are you there?" but the astronaut is dead

    2. On Grey's Anatomy, when Lexi broke down in the bathroom:

    Lexi tells Meredith that Mark is moving on and then breaks down crying after Meredith asks her, "Isn't that what you wanted?" and Lexi says, "It's great...that's perfect"

    3. On Doctor Who, when the Tenth Doctor had to erase Donna's memories:

    Donna says she was going to be with Ten forever and begs not to be sent back, and Ten apologizes and said they had the best time before erasing her memory

    4. On Sherlock, when Eurus forced Sherlock to try to get Molly to say she loved him:

    Molly tells Sherlock to say it like he means it, so Sherlock says he loves her twice, then begs her to say it back, which she finally does

    5. On Merlin, when Arthur died in Merlin's arms:

    Arthur asks Merlin to hold him and then thanks him for everything Merlin has done for him and Camelot

    6. On Teen Wolf, when Stiles was in the hospital and Melissa tucked him in, and he called her "Mom":

    Melissa tells Stiles to get some rest, and Stiles says, "Thanks, Mom"

    7. On M*A*S*H, when Radar told the others that Henry Blake's plane had been shot down:

    Radar says, "Henry Blake's plane was shot down over the sea of Japan. It spun in. There were no survivors"

    8. On The Umbrella Academy, when Klaus came back from the Vietnam War:

    Klaus crying and clutching the briefcase on the bus, then getting off and collapsing on the floor screaming and sobbing

    9. On Outlander, when Claire gives birth to Faith, but she's stillborn:

    Claire asks where her baby is, then screams, "Bring me my baby!"

    10. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Buffy reveals she was in heaven, not a hell dimension, when the Scoobies resurrected her:

    Buffy sings, "There was no pain, no fear no doubt 'til they pulled me out of Heaven. So that's my refrain. I live in hell, 'cause I've been expelled from Heaven. I think I was in Heaven"

    11. In Pose, when Candy died and Pray Tell spoke at her funeral:

    Pray Tell says there's so much they want to say to Candy that they can't now, and that's their burden to bear, and they must live through this tragedy so they can fight their hardest to protect their sisters

    12. On Glee, when Burt, Kurt, and Carol went through Finn's stuff after he died:

    Burt says he wished he hugged him the last time he saw him and Kurt takes Finn's jacket saying it made him look like Superman and Carol talks about the pain of losing a child and wondering how she's going to do it

    13. And when Santana broke down in the middle of singing "If I Die Young" in the same episode, screaming and running out of the room:

    Santana starts to cry while singing, then says "No no no" as Mike and Mr. Shue stand to comfort her, but then she screams and runs away

    14. On How to Get Away With Murder, when Annalise lost her baby and blamed herself:

    the nurse tells Annalise she's sorry, then Annalise holds her baby crying — later, she tells Wes it's her fault the baby died

    15. In The 100, when the show flashed back to Clarke breaking down in the sand:

    Clarke screams that she's done and has lost everything and everyone, and now has nothing left

    16. On The Haunting of Hill House, when Nell's ghost was in the funeral home, but no one could see her:

    Young Luke tells Nell not to go away again and promises he won't let her go, and Young Nell replies that she was there the whole time but no one could see her, and the camera pans to show that in the present Nell's ghost is next to her body

    17. On A Million Little Things, when Rome and Regina find out they aren’t getting the baby:

    Eve tells Rome and Regina that she's sorry, and they've been nothing but kind, but all the support has made her realize she can raise the baby on her own

    18. On Once Upon a Time, when the Mad Hatter talked about his daughter:

    Emma: You think she's your daughter? Mad Hatter: "I don't think, I know. I remember. She has no idea who I am. Our life together. Where we come from. I do. That's my curse. What good is this house, these things, if I can't share them with her?"

    19. On One Tree Hill, when Julian was trying to save Brooke after the car crash, and she begged him to save Jamie first:

    Brooke tells Julian to help Jamie because he's just a boy as Julian protests that he can get her out, and finally he stops and Brooke tells him again to save Jamie and then her, and that they both love him

    20. On The Flash, when Barry tried to hold his daughter:

    Barry tries to pick up his daughter but his arms go through her. He begs to be able to hold her, even though he knows it's not real, because he wants to pretend

    21. On Sherlock, when Mrs. Hudson talked about how her maid of honor left her wedding early, and then in that same episode, when Sherlock left John's wedding early:

    Mrs. Hudson talks about how her maid of honor left her wedding early and it was sad, then later Sherlock leaves John's wedding

    22. On Gossip Girl, when Blair had a miscarriage after the car crash:

    The doctor tells Blair that she lost the baby and Blair cries

    23. On Breaking Bad, when Jesse saw Todd kill Andrea:

    Todd tells Andrea it's not personal then shoots her, and Jesse screams, gagged in the car

    24. On Scrubs, when Dr. Cox realized that Ben was dead:

    JD asks Dr. Cox where he thinks they are, then they walk across the graveyard to Ben's funeral

    25. On Orange Is the New Black, when Tiffany died not knowing that she'd passed her GED:

    Taystee finds Tiffany's body and screams help, and her body is taken away — we then see Tiffany walking in the snow before fading away

    26. On ER, when Mark died and then was shown walking around the empty hospital while "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" played:

    "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" plays and we see Mark walking around the empty hospital

    27. And finally, on Supernatural, when Ellen stayed behind to die with Jo:

    Jo says "no" but Ellen says she won't leave her alone and that she'll always love her

    Got any more that didn't make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.