8 Amazing Side Characters Who Should've Gotten More Screentime On Famous TV Shows, And 9 Whose Minimal Screentime Was Wayyy Too Much

    "This may have escaped your keen notice, but I'm kind of a brat." Um, it certainly didn't escape MY notice, Kennedy.

    I tend to have strong opinions about TV shows, even when it comes to side characters or guest stars. TBH, I think even the non-main characters can make or break the show. Here are eight I love (who should've gotten more screentime) and nine I loatheeee (meaning they never should have appeared).

    1. Too much screentime: Mutt on Schitt's Creek (played by Tim Rozon).

    Mutt and Alexis having a conversation about talking less and listening more

    2. Not enough screentime: Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones (played by Pedro Pascal).

    Oberyn telling Tyrion Lannister about the reception to his birth, when his sister Cersei described him as a freak

    3. Too much screentime: Alice in Only Murders in the Building (played by Cara Delevingne).

    Mabel telling Alice that she likes her but she doesn't trust her

    4. Not enough screentime: Chrissy from Stranger Things (played by Grace Van Dien).

    Chrissy remembers Eddie's band, Corroded Coffin, and says how could she forget with a name like that β€” Eddie calls her a freak and she smiles

    5. Too much screentime: Aaron Rose from Gossip Girl (played by John Patrick Amedori).

    Serena and Aaron having a conversation about his posse and why Tamara was in his apartment

    6. Not enough screentime: Bianca on Wednesday (played by Joy Sunday).

    Bianca telling Wednesday how hard it is not knowing if people like you for you

    7. Too much screentime: Felix from One Tree Hill (played by Michael Copon).

    Anna and Felix arguing over his writing "dyke" on Peyton's locker and Anna calls it a hate crime

    8. Not enough screentime: Samara from Pretty Little Liars (played by Claire Holt).

    Emily and Samara laughing over earrings Emily tries on in a store

    9. Too much screentime: Councilman Jamm from Parks and Recreation (played by Jon Glaser).

    Councilman Jamm talking about his car and how Pawnee's cavity problem allows him to afford it

    10. Not enough screentime: Danny from Teen Wolf (played by Keahu Kahuanui).

    Danny says he can't date a werewolf, and Ethan replies "you knew?" Danny says "dude, it's Beacon Hills"

    11. Too much screentime: Nicky and Paolo from Lost (played by Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro).

    Nicky and Paolo are confronted by a spider

    12. Not enough screentime: Ruby from Once Upon a Time (played by Meghan Ory).

    Ruby saying she wants a job doing something that makes her happy

    13. Too much screentime: Kennedy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (played by Iyari Limon).

    Kennedy saying that she's kind of a brat and always gets her way

    14. Not enough screentime: Jayme from The Umbrella Academy (played by Cazzie David).

    Jayme spits venom on Diego and then blows him a kiss, and he starts dancing to "Footloose"

    15. Too much screentime: Robby from New Girl (played by Nelson Franklin).

    On New Girl, Jess tells Robby she thinks they're related, then lightning flashes and they both scream

    16. Not enough screentime: Sarah from Heartstopper (played by Olivia Coleman).

    Nick tells Sarah that Charlie is his boyfriend but he likes girls too, and she hugs him and tells him she loves him

    17. And finally, too much screentime: Shane from The Vampire Diaries (played by David Alpay).

    Bonnie getting upset at Shane and starts a fire, and Shane tells her father that she's a prodigy and could be one of the greatest witches, but without his guidance, she's a time bomb

    Which side characters do you love and hate? Let us know in the comments!