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    27 TV Shows To Watch If You Want A Series That's Good From Start To Finish


    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what shows they thought were incredible from start to finish. Here are some of the most mentioned!

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

    1. Avatar: The Last Airbender


    "Every single episode gives some sort of backstory to its characters and world, it has one of if not THE best redemption arcs in TV history, and even the filler episodes are done so, so well!"


    2. Hannibal


    "It's by far the best show I have ever seen. It is beautifully shot, composed, written, and performed. All 39 episodes will keep you hooked and wanting more!"


    "Every episode was essential to the story, and they nailed each and every one. Not to mention there was fantastic acting and some seriously ahead-of-its-time queer representation. Go watch it on Netflix, right now!!"


    3. Desperate Housewives


    "Every season was different and equally enthralling!! From Mary Alice’s suicide to Bree’s murder trial, this show stayed entertaining for all eight seasons."


    4. Penny Dreadful


    "That is an amazing show. The story. The characters. The aesthetics. The lore! Perfect show."


    "The last episode is so beautiful and powerful! The entire series from start to finish is a masterpiece. It doesn’t get the recognition it should!"


    5. Parenthood


    "It consistently had great writing and acting. It also had awesome character growth and organic stories that were believable. And the ending was emotional but beautiful without going over the top. It was just a great show!"


    6. Daredevil


    "I love that show and its third season probably beat the first season. Fisk is an absolutely amazing villain and all of the characters are so deep and fleshed out. The fight scenes and cinematography are just amazing."


    7. Dark


    "It's beautifully shot with an amazing cast (seriously, the casting is next level) and a really gripping storyline. It's so complex and twisted, but the more you find out, the more everything makes sense. Throughout the entire series, they make sure to create the feeling that everything is connected and happens for a reason. I wish I could watch it for the first time again."


    8. Schitt's Creek


    "Schitt‘s Creek is simply the best! Every storyline had a perfect ending and every character had the ending he/she deserved. The finale had great ties to the first episode and other things slowly developed over the course of the series. This show didn’t have one bad episode. It brings joy no matter how often you rewatch it."


    9. Fleabag

    Claire telling Fleabag "The only person I'd run through an airport for is you"

    "Even though it was short, it was still beautifully crafted. While the ending might have left me wanting more, it was still an incredible way to wrap up the story."


    10. The Good Place

    Jason asking if there's a gift shop and Michael responding "Jason, this is hell. Of course there's a gift shop"

    "I loved Eleanor and her development throughout the show. It also had an ending that really wrapped up the show and made the viewer feel satisfied!"


    "It’s magic from start to finish and gives you every emotional experience under the sun. The characters are so relatable and there are so many great quotes to take away from the show!"


    11. Chuck


    "It's my favorite show of all time. It has literally everything you could ask for: comedy, romance, action, adventure, and drama! It was five seasons long and obviously I wanted more but it was tied together so wonderfully at the end."


    12. New Girl


    "New Girl is so funny. It's so much more deserving of recognition! It was amazing from beginning to end."


    13. Anne with an E


    "It is such an amazing show. It's got everything: lovable characters, amazing storylines, representation, beautiful locations, lovely subtle humor, and raw emotion. It is so great at handling social issues (there are a lot), especially within its historical context (which is also brilliantly done). It transports you to a beautiful and magical place, and grounds you to the simple things in life, yet it also makes you think and motivates you to right the wrongs in the world. It is heartwarming, inspiring, and beautiful in every sense of the word! Every season is perfect, and it was actually unrightfully cut short, so #RenewAnneWithAnE."


    14. The Leftovers


    "People argue that Season 1 is too bleak, but I thought the show as a whole was perfection. Nothing felt unfinished by its end and it felt like I had grown along with the characters."


    15. Breaking Bad


    "It was a brilliantly spun web that became more captivating with each season."


    16. Downton Abbey


    "The cast, setting, and costumes were perfect. Every season was perfect. They killed off a few characters that they shouldn’t have, but it still worked in the end. The show had great redemption arcs and wonderful character development. It also remained true to the historic period it was set in and integrated certain historic events perfectly into the storyline. I loved it and I still find myself rewatching it over and over."


    17. Fringe


    "Fringe (which aired for five amazing seasons) is a show where I can watch every episode over and over and not get bored. It was such a different premise than any show that was on at the time. I also thought the acting was incredible."


    18. How to Get Away with Murder


    "The finale pulled everything together so well and very consciously closed that chapter. The full circle moment at the very end was strangely moving."


    19. Friends


    "It never fails to make me laugh. To this day, I still cry when they all put their keys on the counter and leave the apartment for the last time."


    20. Criminal Minds


    "I found this gem when I was in the 11th grade and got hooked instantly. Every season just keeps getting better and better. From interesting plotlines to complex characters, the show touches basically every aspect of life — 15 seasons worth of pure gold."


    21. Six Feet Under


    "The way this show illustrates what grief does to a family is astonishing. The characters are all so well-written, and watching them grow as people and really become themselves is such a wonderful journey. It also has hands down the most phenomenal series finale I have ever seen. Just thinking about it makes me start getting misty-eyed."


    22. Mad Men


    "It just has these incredible storylines that keep turning in every direction. You get to see so many characters grow and change over the course of the show."


    23. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    "It starts out as a fun, seemingly innocent show, but as it goes on, it becomes much deeper and darker, but without losing that initial fun. The characters are real and relatable and have fabulous and complex story arcs. The foreshadowing and writing is so great, and the relationships (romantic or platonic) are some of the best I’ve ever seen on television. It also has realistic timelines, and no inconsistencies in the plot. I fell in love with the characters from minute one, and the show is such a big part of my life now. Buffy is definitely an underappreciated show, but I’m so glad I found it!"


    24. Black Sails


    "Every single episode was expertly written, and it was exactly as long as it needed to be, with the best ending I've ever experienced on television. If you like pirates, political intrigue, legitimate LGBTQ representation, the found family trope, and (actually well-written) badass female characters, please do yourself a favor and watch this show."


    25. The Originals

    The CW

    "Unlike The Vampire Diaries, it never dropped in quality and its series finale was as intense and beautiful as its pilot. There are literally no weaknesses in the series besides the fact that it ended too soon."


    26. Jane the Virgin

    The CW

    "It seems like sort of a hokey show, but oh my god. The twists and turns. The magical realism. The amazing character development (lookin at you, Petra). And the strong women who carry this show with so much love. Ugh. This will always be one of my comfort shows I can come back to any time."


    27. And finally, The Sopranos


    "Every episode is so detailed and every character has their own specific backstory that you get to know with time. The plotlines are often written to be realistic, even if they're not what the audience necessarily wants, so the whole show is incredible in that aspect. And every role was perfectly cast, so that helped me enjoy the show that much more."