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22 TV Shows That Actually Got Better As They Went

Schitt's Creek aged better than Herb Ertlinger Wine.

Most TV shows start out strong, and then get worse as time goes on and writers run out of ideas, or actors start leaving, or the plots get too convoluted.

Once Upon a Time in season 1 labeled "fun and unique take on classic fairytales" and in season 4 labeled "Got too convoluted; new characters felt like cheap advertising for Disney"

So when Reddit user u/magichronx asked, "Which TV series gets consistently better after its first season?" I was surprised to see so many answers! Here are 22 shows that actually got better with time!

1. BoJack Horseman

season 1 labeled "pretty standard adult cartoon" and season 6 labeled "super dark look at mental illness and addiction"

2. Six Feet Under

season labeled "just okay" and season 5 labeled "Literally one of the best show endings of all time"

3. The Good Place

Good place season 1 labeled "a somewhat standard comedy with a twist" and season 4 labeled "A deep and impactful look at morality and humanity; also very funny"

4. The Simpsons (well, to a point)

simpsons season 1 labeled "questionable animation and storylines," season 3 labeled "starting to hit its stride," and seasons 6-15 labeled "perfection"

5. Parks and Recreation

Season 1 labeled "no one had really found their characters or chemistry between them" Season 2 labeled "Andy had bigger role, jokes landed more, ben and chris came" and season 3 labeled "mark left, ben/leslie and andy/april began"

6. Avatar the Last Airbender

Season 1 labeled "a little slow and juvenile," season 2 labeled "really hitting its stride," and season 3 labeled "the best season"

7. Schitt's Creek

the Roses in season 1 labeled "kind of insufferable" and Alexis, David, Patrick, and Stevie in Season 6 labeled "literally all so lovable"

8. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 1 labeled "an okay show..." and Danny DeVito in season 2 labeled "literally made the show 1000x better"

9. Adventure Time

Season 1 labeled "simple kid's cartoon" and season 5 labeled "amazing backstories and world-building"

10. The Dragon Prince

Season 1 labeled "choppy frame rate" and season 2 labeled "much faster frame rate"

11. Better Call Saul

saul in season 1 labeled "solid start" and Mike and Gus in Season 4 labeled "better than Breaking Bad???"

12. Breaking Bad

Walt in pilot labeled "one of the best pilots of all time" and in the finale labeled "somehow even better"

13. The Magicians

Quentin in season 1 labeled "CW knockoff" and in season 4 labeled "best season yet"

14. Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry in season 1 labeled "hadn't hit its stride" and leon in season 6 labeled "literally made the show what it is"

15. Blackadder

season 1 labeled "not very good" and season labeled "already sooo much better"

16. Black Sails

season 1 labeled "pretty good" and season 2 labeled "HUGE jump in quality"

17. American Dad

Season labeled "family guy knockoff" and season 16 labeled "WAY better than Family Guy"

18. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

season 1 labeled "definitely the worst season" and 7 labeled "aged like wine"

19. M*A*S*H

Season 1 cast vs season 4 cast

20. Venture Bros

season 1 labeled "kind of stupid" and season 7 labeled "meaningful plots/arcs"

21. Mr. Robot

Season 1 labeled "Good, but not super memorable" and season 2 labeled "offbeat, nontraditional episodes/plots like the sitcom episode

22. And finally, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 1 buffy and willow labeled "Low budget, weak central villain and monsters-of-the-week" and season 7 buffy and xander labeled "much stronger villains and side characters"

What TV shows do you think got better over time? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.