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These Viral TikToks Point Out How Sexist Dress Codes Are And I Feel So Supported

I WISH it had actually been like this.

If you're a girl who's gone to school, you've probably gotten in trouble for breaking dress code.

In recent years, students have been calling out how gross it is for (often male) teachers to call female students out of class because their lack of clothing is "distracting" to other students. But when I was younger, I didn't hear anyone talk about this.

If you've ever been sent to the office for a dress code violation, you know it can be a humiliating experience. But...what if it wasn't? That's what actor and screenwriter Nicole Ciravolo explores in a series of viral TikToks.

In a TikTok that has been viewed over 12 million times, Nicole plays a school secretary who is NOT here for girls being called out of class for things as dumb as wearing a tank top.


POV: you get sent to the principles office for dress code but the secretary does! not! f*ck! around!

♬ original sound - nicoleciravolo
Nicole told BuzzFeed she was inspired to make these videos after spending 13 years at a private Christian school: "We had uniforms, yet girls were constantly being dress-coded for skirt length (or often in my case, not wearing a bra — even though that's not in the dress code)."

The TikTok starts by pointing out how ridiculous it is that a girl was called out of class for being disruptive to male students' learning, when in reality the only disruption to learning was happening to her, as she was now missing class.

the secretary saying "And what were you doing in class at the time that he sent you? Test prep? Well, how are you gonna pass a test if you're not in there for test prep?"

She also points out that it's extremely hot outside, and that she'd be wearing a tank top too if the office wasn't "45 degrees."

"Well, it's a tank top! It's 90 degrees outside!"

She also points out how inappropriate it is that a male teacher called this out and humiliated her in front of the class.

"And he said that to you in front of the entire classroom? Wow. Okay. No, you will not be seeing the principal, I will actually be handling this"

Nicole continued the series with a phone call with the teacher, where she calls him out for referring to an underage girl as a "hooker."


part two of... POV: you get sent to the principal’s office and realize the secretary does! not! f*ck! around!

♬ original sound - nicoleciravolo
"You are there to teach her, not humiliate her. And if you keep calling me sweetheart we're gonna have a much bigger problem!" AMEN. I'm about to slap Ron and he's not even real.

She remarks that it's pretty creepy that he called her out, especially when none of the boys actually complained.


#POV part 3 — I think we’re gonna make this into a series!! 🥳 but... she needs a name! I’m thinking Linda but would luv to hear ur suggestions 🥰

♬ original sound - nicoleciravolo

She also points out the double standard of male teachers calling out only female students for dress code violations.

"You have sent us 4 separate girls for dress code violations this past month. And 3 of the boys that we've gotten for dress code violations have actually passed through your classroom, meaning you are only sending the girls"

Not only are these videos hilarious, SPOT ON impressions of school administrators (The accent!! The typing! The jangling of the bracelets! The ice tea! The jar of candy!), but they're also helping girls who have been through something similar.

comments saying "imagine if this actually happened at schools instead of getting detention," "you make me feel so safe," and "I am extremely comfy"

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Keep fighting the good fight, Nicole!