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    If You've Always Wanted To See "Phantom Of The Opera" On The West End, Now's Your Chance

    Christmas has come early!

    Hi! I'm Hannah, and I'm a MASSIVE musical theater fan! I am currently stuck indoors, like many of us, constantly listening to showtunes.

    All my friends know this about me, and one of them has just notified me that the London 25th Anniversary Edition of The Phantom of the Opera is currently livestreaming on YouTube.

    The filming and sound quality are amazing in the stream. Honestly, one of my biggest problems when I saw Phantom of the Opera on stage was that I couldn't really see a lot of what was going on.

    Plus, since this is the 25th Anniversary Edition, it was staged (according to the official description), "on a scale which had never been seen before."

    The show is being broadcast to encourage people to donate to charities such as The Actors Fund, Acting for Others, Broadway Cares, Actors Benevolent Fund, and, of course, the NHS.

    Watch it here!! It'll only be up for 24 hours in the UK and 48 hours everywhere else!!

    View this video on YouTube

    You can also buy the full show to keep here.