21 Teen Drama Scenes So Terrifying They Still Keep Us Up At Night


    Teen dramas might be for teenagers, but sometimes they include some SERIOUSLY messed-up and scary stuff.

    In honor of ~spooky season~, we've decided to compile all of the creepiest teen drama moments!

    1. First, when Aria was trapped in a box with a dead Garrett on Pretty Little Liars:

    2. When the Liars were tortured in replicas of their rooms in a life-size underground dollhouse on Pretty Little Liars:

    3. When Nanny Carrie chased Jamie through the cornfields on One Tree Hill:

    Haley holding Jamie in the cornfields as Carrie chases them with a syringe

    4. When Derek attacked Peyton on One Tree Hill:

    5. When Freddie was beaten to death with a baseball bat by Effy's psychiatrist on Skins:

    the doctor says Freddie can't leave, then the camera zooms to outside the house and Freddie screams "GET OFF ME!" as blood splatters on the window

    6. When Katherine was literally dragged to hell on The Vampire Diaries:

    7. When Betty was forced to bury Archie in a coffin on Riverdale:

    The Black Hood instructs Betty to bury Archie alive, so she cries, saying I'm sorry, and closes the coffin

    8. When Betty was drugged by Edgar as he planned to cut her organs out on Riverdale:

    Betty, in a small operation room with Edgar, says Jughead and his dad will come for her, then screams as she's drugged

    9. When Alyssa was attacked and then James killed the man on The End of the F***ing World:

    the man tries to force himself on Alyssa, so James cuts his neck. They then stand over his bloody body

    10. When Angel murdered a man and painted "WAS IT GOOD FOR YOU TOO?" with his blood on the wall on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    11. When the Gentlemen took away everyone's speech on the silent episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    12. When Bryce's ghost randomly popped up to torment Jessica and then got eaten by bugs on 13 Reasons Why:

    Bryce's face gets consumed by beetles, Jessica screams

    13. When hallucinations of Monty tormented Clay on 13 Reasons Why:

    14. When Lilly's ghost haunted Duncan on Veronica Mars:

    Lilly's ghost with a bloody head wound, tells Duncan: "Wake up!"

    15. When Polo realized he'd killed Marina and let out this blood-curdling scream on Elite:

    Polo screams at his reflection in the mirror

    16. When Emma watched helplessly as Will was brutally murdered on Sceam:

    17. When Eli had vivid nightmares after finding Cam's body on Degrassi: The Next Generation:

    Eli's walls ooze with what looks like blood

    18. When Winston dressed in this freaky costume and held Zoë hostage as the school burned down on Degrassi: The Next Generation:

    Zoe: "You're the blackmailer," Winston, in costume with a sword: "I would just like to have a little chat"

    19. When Oliver held Marissa hostage on The O.C.:

    Oliver holds a gun while Marissa cries out for help

    20. When Sabrina had a vision of hanging witches by the apple tree on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina:

    Sabrina looking at her bloody hands and dead witches strung up on a tree

    21. And finally, when Dr. Valack literally drilled into Lydia's skull on Teen Wolf:

    Dr. Valack holding a drill as Lydia looks on in horror

    Which teen drama moments always scare you? Tell us in the comments!