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    "Tangled" Is Better Than "Frozen" And Here Are The Receipts

    You know I'm right.

    Hi! Hannah, massive Disney fan, here! I'm here to interrupt your day/evening so that we can talk about something very, very important — and that is the fact that Tangled is better than Frozen.

    First, let me just say that I absolutely loved Frozen, and I'm not trying to hate on it. But if I'm COMPARING the two, Tangled is far superior, and here's why.

    1. Rapunzel's hair was the best computer animation I have ever seen.

    2. Mandy Moore was born to be a Disney princess.

    3. Rapunzel was basically Anna, but first and better.

    4. Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert was the best Disney prince of all time, and I will fight you about this.

    5. Tangled's music was written by Alan Menken, who scored all your fave Disney films.

    6. Tangled had better animal sidekicks than Frozen.

    7. Tangled was way funnier than Frozen.

    8. But it was also darker than Frozen!

    9. Along with that, the villain was much more complicated.

    10. Tangled had a better plot.

    11. Flynn and Rapunzel > Anna and Kristoff

    12. Also, Kristoff's backstory was never explained.

    13. Speaking of backstories...with Tangled, we finally got a Disney film where the parents weren't dead!

    14. The animation of the landscapes and backgrounds was amazing in Tangled.

    15. And finally, the mood coloring in Tangled was just SO good.

    That's all, folks! Both are wonderful films, and great options to watch if you're stuck indoors right now. But...Tangled is better, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. AND THAT'S THAT.