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    Just 21 Ridiculously Silly Posts You Could Only Find On Tumblr

    Did the Cars universe have a Car Jesus?

    1. These frightening implications about the Cars universe:

    Discussion over the Cars films having TSA, asking if that meant there was a car 9/11. Someone points out there was a car pope so there must've been a car Jesus.

    2. This interesting suggestion:

    "When in doubt slap His ass"; "He is capitalized, are you talking about god's ass?"; "Are you in doubt? just slap His ass"

    3. This slightly darker version of a popular safety tip:

    "Remember kids, stop, drop, and suffer"

    4. This interesting interpretation:

    "Date: Hey let's slow dance. Me: Does the Macarena at 1/4 speed"

    5. This observation that kind of blew my mind:

    6. This strange version of shitposting:

    "People: filled with sin. Dirt: filled with worms (a good and righteous thing)" and a tag saying, "This post seems like Catholic peasant shitposting from the year 1100," then someone replying "Follow for more soft twelfth-century Catholicism"

    7. This frightening and intriguing mental image:

    "*Calls out, 'Hey king, are you single?' to the vaguely humanoid creature lurking at the base of the stairs*"

    8. This question and answer I cannot imagine finding on a site other than Tumblr:

    "Nice ass, sorry about the mental illness" and the person answers, "Thank you king"

    9. This post that reminded us of our roots:

    @dumbledoreisnotmyhubby / Via

    10. This twist on a classic song:

    "Country gnomes, take my bones to a place, they don't belong" and someone asking where else you can find this nonsense. Someone replies, "West Virginia"

    11. This important question and answer:

    "When is it safe to leave the bog? Tuesday" then people saying they missed their window and will have to reblog to remind followers next week

    12. This interesting and important debate:

    Someone says Miss Piggy would bring up fracking on "Drag Race," and then someone points out that her husband/boytoy is an environmental activist so they agree, and someone asks if they just called Kermit an activist/boytoy

    13. This frightening version of Friends that kind of turned out to be real:

    Picture of "Friends" poster but just with Joey saying, "Friends reboot but it's just Joey and he's your friend," then following up to say they didn't know about the show "Joey"

    14. This mix-up:

    "I'm fucking in Luigi's mansion"; "Who?"; "Some italian freak"; "Oh you meant who am I fucking. Your mom"

    15. This list of things every adult must learn to do:

    "Things that shouldn't be as difficult as they are: dealing with spiders, buying right-sized bras and pads/tampons without getting embarrassed, devouring the souls of my enemies, getting out of bed in the morning, ordering food, using public transport"

    16. This frightening image:

    "Bed bath and BEHIND YOU!" with a picture of a ghost attacking a running boy in a Bed Bath & Beyond

    17. This "guide to softening Shrek":

    Guide to softening Shrek wherein you do all the stuff in the movie and he'll remain friends with Donkey, romance Fiona, and agree to let the fairy tale creatures stay at his swamp

    18. The line that I don't remember from the Bible:

    "The lord giveth and the lord taketh it back now y'all. Two hops this time"

    19. This post literally just on numbers:

    "All the numbers that are divisible by 17 sound so absurd. 51? 68? 85? ridiculous. 102? Absolutely not. And don't even get me started on 119," then someone brings up 34 and 36, saying they feel like 102 in a trench coat

    20. This twist on the classic line:

    "Not all who mcfreakin wander are mcfreakin lost"

    21. And finally, this depiction that is somehow weirdly accurate: