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    What An MCU Musical Would Look Like According To A Person Who Loves Both Marvel And Musicals

    Give us a Marvel musical, you cowards.

    Look, I know Spider-Man: Into the Dark was a bust. But the MCU absolutely NEEDS to have a musical.

    Because I am passionate about this topic, I have decided to lay out exactly what said musical would be like, mostly focusing on its musical numbers. Broadway, take note.

    1. "I Am Iron Man" by Tony and Ensemble

    2. "All My Friends Are Dead" by Steve

    3. "Inevitable" by Thanos

    4. "My Brother and Me" by Loki and Thor

    5. "Call Me Daddy" by Bruce, Natasha, and Tony

    6. "Handle Your Own Sh**" by T'Challa

    7. "The Battle of Wakanda" by Ensemble

    8. "My Brother and Me (reprise)" by Thor and Loki

    9. "The Snap" by Thanos

    10. "Mr. Stark" by Peter

    11. "I'm Not Iron Man" by Tony

    spotlights with the words "Act 2"

    12. "Guardians of Nothing" by Rocket and the Guardians of the Galaxy

    13. "Size Doesn’t Matter" by Ant-Man, Bruce, and Natasha

    14. "It's Totally Normal To Think Your Best Friend Is Hot" by Bucky and Steve

    15. "Mr. Stark (reprise)" by Steve, Natasha, Bruce, and Tony

    16. "If I Can't Be Important, At Least Let Me Be Funny" by Thor

    17. "Women Can Do Anything Men Can (Except Time Travel Without Dying)" by Natasha

    18. "All My Friends Are Dead (reprise)" by Steve, Bruce, Tony, and Rocket

    19. "The Snap (reprise)" by Bruce

    20. "The Fight Of Our Lives/Avengers, Assemble" by The Company

    21. "Female Empowerment Song" by Ensemble

    22. "Finale: Endgame" by The Company

    23. "Coming Soon on Disney +" by The Company