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    Joe Jonas Gave Sophie Turner The Best Christmas Gift, And My 12-Year-Old Self Is Weeping

    I need this shirt ASAP.

    Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are one of the best celeb couples.

    Joe and Sophie at the Grammys

    I like to live vicariously through them, because A) they're adorable together, B) Sophie is great on social media, and C) I have been in love with Joe Jonas for over a decade. And today? Well, today they have done it again.

    Because Joe has given Sophie the BEST early Christmas gift. What is it, you ask? A HANNAH MONTANA SHIRT!

    Sophie's Instagram story, where she's wearing a Hannah Montana shirt (that also has pictures of Miley) and thanks Joe for her early Christmas gift, tagging Joe and Miley Cyrus

    But it's not JUST a Hannah Montana addition to pictures of Hannah, we've got some classic Miley pics in there.

    Miley on The Today Show with her tongue out

    Miley (who dated Joe's brother Nick back in the day, lol) responded, posting the picture to her story:

    Miley commenting "Yassss" on Sophie's story

    Now, as someone who fantasized at age 12 about dating Joe Jonas, and also being Hannah Montana...I am quaking in my nostalgic boots.

    Naturally, I began a painstaking search for the shirt. I searched Etsy. Amazon. Google shopping. High and low, with no sign of it...until the creator reached out to me after seeing an earlier version of this post!

    the Hannah Montana shirt Sophie was wearing

    Now I just need someone to gift it to me for Christmas. Oh, and my very own Joe Jonas.


    The exact shirt was found, so the similar shirt we'd found was replaced with the exact match!