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18 Celebs Who Have Looked Back At Their Iconic Past Looks And Gone, "Never Again"

We're not the only ones who regret pastel eyeshadow and bright pink lip gloss.

1. Kim Kardashian was never comfortable in her iconic Met Gala dress, and cried at all the memes comparing her to a couch.

A pregnant Kim with Kanye at the Met Gala

2. Jennifer Aniston hated "the Rachel" from Friends.

Promotional shot for Friends with Rachel/Jennifer with "the Rachel" hairstyle

3. Taylor Swift spent years straightening her hair because she wasn't into her curls.

Close-up of Taylor on the red carpet

4. And she wasn't a huge fan of the bleached-hair look she debuted in 2016.

Taylor at the Met Gala with bleached short hair

5. Billie Eilish hated her blue hair and spent months trying to get rid of it, but it wouldn't come out.

Billie on a red carpet

6. Ariana Grande thinks fondly of the red hair she had for Victorious, but also feels it "wasn't her."

Ariana smiling on the red carpet with her hand on her hip

7. Zac Efron called his Baywatch body "unrealistic" and "stupid."

Matt shirtless in the film

8. Lizzo experienced immediate regret following her recent haircut.

Lizzo with a short bob

9. Mandy Moore was not a fan of the blonde hair and makeup she rocked early in her career...

Mandy posing

10. ...or anytime she had bangs, especially the ones in A Walk to Remember.

Jamie in the film

11. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson isn't exactly proud of this iconic '90s look.

12. Courteney Cox also likes to poke fun at her old looks — in particular, the bangs from Scream 3.

Courteney in Scream 3 with short spiky bangs

13. Pete Davidson is over all his tattoos.

Pete Davidson shirtless and with many, many chest and arm tattoos

14. Beyoncé didn't love her wedding dress.

15. Jennifer Lawrence quickly got sick of the lob (long bob) she sported between Hunger Games movies.

Jennifer Lawrence at an event

16. Anne Hathaway hated her pixie cut after chopping off her hair (on camera) for Les Misérables.

Anne on the red carpet

17. Miley Cyrus was not fond of getting dolled up in glitter and a blonde wig for Hannah Montana.

Miley as Hannah on the show

18. And finally...Emma Stone seems to have some mixed feelings about her iconic red locks.

Emma on a red carpet