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    21 Wild Examples Of Celebs That Are The Same Age

    Betty White and Judy Garland were born the same year. MIND BLOWN.

    Let's jump right in: Recently I saw this viral tweet, which contained the mind-boggling fact that John Cena and Jason Earles are THE SAME AGE:

    If you want to have your mind blown: John Cena and Jackson from Hannah Montana are the exact same age

    I began to question my entire sense of reality.

    Which led me to start looking up the ages of other actors. Which led me to a whole BUNCH of troubling realizations about OTHER famous people who were also somehow born the same year. Here are the most troubling:

    1. Betty White and Judy Garland

    2. Harrison Ford, Joe Biden, and Jimi Hendrix

    3. The Dalai Lama and Elvis Presley

    4. Marilyn Monroe and Hugh Hefner

    5. Princess Diana and Barack Obama

    6. Shirley Temple and Maya Angelou

    7. Bhad Bhabie and JoJo Siwa

    8. Post Malone and Ross Lynch and Laura Marano (aka Austin and Ally from Austin & Ally)

    9. Kylie Jenner and Malala Yousafzai

    10. Willem Dafoe and Kris Jenner

    11. Mara Wilson (Matilda) and Wiz Khalifa

    12. Amy Schumer and Beyoncé

    13. Jake T. Austin and Halsey

    14. Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, and Jane Fonda

    15. Bernie Sanders, Bob Dylan, and Martha Stewart

    16. Liam Hemsworth and The Maze Runner's Thomas Brodie-Sangster

    17. Barbara Walters and Anne Frank were born the same year.

    18. Snoop Dogg and Martin Freeman

    19. Marilyn Manson and Paul Rudd

    20. Macaulay Culkin and Kim Kardashian West

    21. And finally, Molly Ringwald and Will Smith

    G2G, crying about how time means nothing.