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26 Cats Who Need Quarantine To End So They Can Have Their Space Back

I'm so sorry, bbs.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how their cats have expressed their displeasure with their hoomans being home. Here are some of the best!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

1. This cat, who refused to even face his hooman:

2. This kitty, who decided to use her owner's laptop as a bed:

3. This kitty, who found an...interesting place to perch:

4. This kitty, who basically told his owners to "talk to the butt, 'cause the face don't want to hear it":

5. This cat, whose expression really says it all:

6. This cat, who has had enough of you using all her surfaces to puzzle:

7. This sweet kitty, who has been OVERWHELMED with the amount of love his hooman wants to give him:

8. This kitty, who found a...unique place to settle down:

9. This kitty, who heard her owner sing one too many times:

10. This cat, who could not believe she was stuck with one of her hoomans 24/7 AGAIN:

11. This cat, who really didn't care what his hooman was working on:

12. This kitty, who was really not happy about his momma's workout class in the sleeping zone:

13. This kitty, who was rudely awoken in the middle of a very important nap:

14. This cat, who exudes BSE (Big Salem Energy):

15. This cat, who decided to take advantage of his owner's computer always being on:

16. These friends, who decided avoiding eye contact was the best way to get some alone time:

17. This buddy, who was sick of being caught mid-bath:

18. This disgruntled bb who made her displeasure KNOWN:

19. This friend, who decided that if all the couches were taken, he'd just get in the first thing he could find:

20. These bbs, who were forced to participate in their bored hooman's schemes:

21. This sweet prince, who wasn't so sure he was happy his hooman didn't have to go to school:

22. This buddy boy, who thought that if no one could see him, no one would bother him:

23. This guy, who is handling the quarantine the same way the rest of us are:

24. These besties, who have turned to each other for emotional support after getting TIRED of their hoomans:

25. This sweet girl, who decided that just because her owner was in her chair didn't mean she couldn't be there too:

26. And finally this buddy, who just wanted a take a bath in peace:

I'm so sorry, kitties. We promise to go back outside as soon as we can!!