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    19 Emails People Probably Really, Really Wish They Could Unsend

    If you're having a bad least you're not these people.

    Emails. We all get 'em. We all send 'em. It's a nightmare.

    But every once in a while, the nightmare is amplified: when we royally screw up while sending important emails. Here are some email fails that will make you glad you're not these people:

    1. This really, really unfortunate mistake:

    A series of unfortunate events:

    Twitter: @Zoeyoxley

    2. This mistake with a perfectly reasonable solution:

    I accidentally signed off a business email with “brest” instead of “best” so I’m just letting you know that I’m moving to another planet

    Twitter: @kickthepj

    3. This email that would honestly be a lovely surprise to receive:

    texts saying "Holy shit I submitted the wrong file to my school work, I submitted the picture of the fucking cat"
    "Submission details: literacy essay #1" with a picture of an angry cat

    4. This horrifying misunderstanding:

    just accidentally responded to a work email: “I’m sorry I’m not taking Jew clients right now!” then, realizing in horror, two seconds later “NEW clients! I’m jewish actually! Ahhh HAHAHHA sorry about that! Warmly, Ely”

    Twitter: @ElyKreimendahl

    5. This perplexing use of a conjunction:

    I meant to say, "Stay in touch!" in an email to 100 students. I accidentally said, "Stay and touch." #OddWaysToEndAnEmail

    Twitter: @theJoyAt6

    6. This person whose professor hopefully has a sense of humor:


    email with a picture of someone's head edited onto photos of a guy posing

    7. This student whose professor is hopefully familiar with stan Twitter:

    8. This email that sounds as if it was meant to be a Notes app vent:

    9. This deeply unsettling message:

    "I was trying to type out an email to my professor and I only wrote 'Good evening, professor.' Then, I accidentally hit send. lols he totally is sitting there reading my email like, 'WTF is wrong with this creepy ass girl'"

    10. This image attachment that I have a lot of questions about:

    11. This student who's just trying their best:

    "Hey students, here’s a pro tip: do not write an email to your prof while you’re seriously sick. Signed, a person who somehow came up with 'dear hello, I am sick and not sure if I’ll be alive to come tomorrow and I’m sorry, best slutantions, [name]'

    12. This really, really embarrassing mistake:

    "So I accidentally sent an email to my professor that was meant for my friend with the subject 'MATT PLEASE REMOVE YOUR PANTS' with a bunch of pictures of Matt Smith" then an email back saying he hopes she's successful in removing Matt's pants

    13. This awkward misunderstanding:

    still thinking about that time I accidentally emailed my theater homework to the wrong class so my entire art class received a document with instructions on how to play a murder game

    Twitter: @EmirichuYT

    14. This absolute classic:

    story about someone's mom prematurely sending an email to an accounting firm that was supposed to say "I am afraid we will have to postpone our meeting" but accidentally just sent "I am afraid"

    15. This "reply all" nightmare:

    So someone accidentally sent an email about their graduation to EVERY UCL student (+40k) and the responses are killing me.

    Twitter: @miraculous_dude
    email from a student asking about late resubmissions and being able to graduate, but sent to the whole school, and a bunch of replies saying good luck

    16. This email I honestly really respect:

    HellO my roommate accidentally took her wisdom teeth medicine instead of Tylenol this morning and this is the email she sent to her professor in her groggy state I'm D E A D

    Twitter: @smollcas

    17. This roommate who just wanted to keep their landlord in the loop:

    my roommate accidentally cc’ed our landlord on this email about her cat’s medications and meal schedule

    Twitter: @lydiaetc

    18. This email mishap that sounds like a whole SAGA:

    19. And finally, this proof that even celebs aren't safe:

    Meant to write an email that said “Hey hope you’re doing well” but accidentally hit send after writing “Hey ho” #EmailFail

    Twitter: @jimmyfallon