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    11 TV Haircuts That Were Life-Changing And 12 That Were Just So Bad

    Two words: Buffy's bangs. :(

    1. CHANGE IT BACK: Felicity's pixie cut on Felicity

    Felicity with a curly pixie cut

    2. OH LA LA: Aria's bob on Pretty Little Liars

    Aria with a short bob and side part

    3. CHANGE IT BACK: Buffy's bangs on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Buffy with short thin spiky bangs

    4. OH LA LA: Rachel's bangs on Glee

    Rachel with straight across bangs

    5. CHANGE IT BACK: Jane's bangs on Big Little Lies

    Short uneven choppy straight across bangs

    6. OH LA LA: Laurel's pixie cut on Arrow

    Laurel with a pixie cut with a deep side part

    7. CHANGE IT BACK: Quinn's short reddish hair on Glee

    reddish pink choppy haircut on Quinn

    8. OH LA LA: Brooke's bob on One Tree Hill

    Brooke with a curly bob

    9. CHANGE IT BACK: Monica's short spiky haircut on Friends

    Monica with a really short choppy bob with bangs

    10. OH LA LA: Allison's haircut on Teen Wolf

    11. CHANGE IT BACK: Damon's mullet on The Vampire Diaries

    Damon with bangs and a longer back that curls up

    12. OH LA LA: Haley's bob on Modern Family

    Haley with a short curly bob with a side part

    13. CHANGE IT BACK: Lucas's long hair on One Tree Hill

    Lucas with long gelled back hair and a middle part

    14. OH LA LA: Sabrina's short bleached cut on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    15. CHANGE IT BACK: Haley's hair on One Tree Hill

    Haley with straight hair with straight across bangs

    16. OH LA LA: Scott's hair evolution on Teen Wolf

    Scott with long swoopy hair, then shorter hair that fell down over his face, then slightly gelled back even shorter hair

    17. CHANGE IT BACK: Alyssa's blonde hair and bangs on The End of the F***ing World

    Alyssa with a long blonde bob and bangs

    18. OH LA LA: Stiles' long hair on Teen Wolf

    Stiles with longer hair that's spiked a tiny bit up

    19. CHANGE IT BACK: Elena's red streaks and side bangs on The Vampire Diaries

    Elena with swoopy sidebangs and red streaks on her left side

    20. OH LA LA: Leslie's hair evolution on Parks and Recreation

    21. CHANGE IT BACK: Azula on Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Azula with choppy hacked off bangs

    22. OH LA LA: April on Parks and Recreation

    23. And finally, CHANGE IT BACK: Hanna's bob on Pretty Little Liars

    Hanna with short layered curly blonde hair