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25 Badly-Cast Older/Younger Versions Of Characters That Honestly Just Confused Me

Slapping on some makeup and copying a hair color does NOT make up for bad casting!

Sometimes, a TV show or movie casts the *perfect* younger or older version of a character.

young winifred and old winifred in hocus pocus 2

But sometimes, the casting falls short, and the new actor looks nothing like the old one. Here are 25 serious missteps in casting that I can't forgive.

1. First...young Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger vs. older Howard Stark in Avengers: Endgame.

the two wearing suits side by side

2. They shouldn't have recast older Cassie from Avengers: Endgame to Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. The new Cassie looks nothing like the young one from the first two films.

younger character with brunette hair and the older character with blonde hair

3. Young Pietro from Wandavision and older Pietro from Avengers: Age of Ultron also look completely different.

young character with brunette hair and the older with dyed blonde hair and colored eyes

4. You really expect me to believe that this kid grows up to be Don Draper on Mad Men? No way.

young Don with a bowl haircut and older Don on the phone with sleek gelled hair

5. Young Shawn on Psych is a realllll stretch for me.

a redhead kit with freckles and the older character with brunette hair and no freckles

6. I feel like they didn't even TRY to get a young actor to play the younger version of Sherlock on Sherlock.

the two characters side by side with different hair color

7. Remember that flashback episode of Gossip Girl that showed young Carol and Lily? Well, Carol has changed a LOT over the years.

very different looking characters side by side

8. Younger and older Giuseppe Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries don't even look related.

young Giuseppe with long curly hair and facial hair

9. Young Damon also wasn't very good.

the two characters side by side

10. I know kids' hair can darken with age, but I still feel like for recognizability, they should've at least found an actor with the same hair color for young Nick on New Girl.

the two different characters

11. Or at least the same eye color. I mean, really. The show constantly talks about Jess' light blue eyes.

the young jess with brown eyes and older jess with blue eyes

12. Next is younger Harry in Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again, and older Harry in the same film.

the two characters with different bone structure and lips

13. And also younger and older Sam from the same film.

the two different character side by side

14. Aaaand Donna, too, tbh.

the two characters side by side

15. I hate to say it, but...the new Aegon in House of the Dragon doesn't even look much older than the last one, and they look like entirely different people.

the two with different hair lengths and eyebrow color

16. And his younger brother not only looks 20 years older, but he looks totally different from what he used to look like.

the two actors side by side

17. Orange is the New Black had SUCH good casting for most of its younger versions of characters, so it was a disappointment when we finally met Red's younger self.

young Red wiht bands and a different shaped nose

18. Same with Nicky. The kid version of her was decent, but I just have a hard time believing these are the same person.

the two side by side

19. Young Locke on Lost was a real stretch, tbh.

the two side by side

20. They also did Sayid dirty, honestly.

young Sayid with a different face structure

21. Ian McKellan has such a distinct look...and it's not one that matches Michael Fassbender. Only one of these men is Magneto to me.

the two actors side by side

22. Young Han Solo in Solo and older Han in A New Hope are both ruggedly handsome, but they are definitely not the same person.

the two side by side with different noses

23. I was honestly kind of always frustrated with young Hope in The Originals/Legacies, because she looks nothing like her parents. The older version is better on that front, but...then she looks nothing like her younger self.

the very pale young hope and the tanned older hope

24. I have a real hard time believing that this little version of Kaitlyn Cooper turned into the version on the right in just a year and a half on The O.C.

young Kaitlyn looking very young and a teen kaitlyn

25. And finally, this isn't to say the actor did a bad job, but I really don't see this kid as a younger Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project. I just don't.

the young version with large eyes and messy long hair