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I, An American, Tried To Guess Canadian Slang And I Have Never Been So Confused In My Entire Life

Apparently, I don't listen to enough Drake.

Hi, I'm Hannah, and I'm American!

Canada might be connected to the United States, but to be honest, I know almost nothing about it.

American and Canadian flags

So I thought it would be fun to team up with Kyle, my Canadian coworker, and see just how much I don't know! Here are 13 terms that are (apparently) slang in Canada — watch me fail horribly as I try to guess what each means!

1. Double-double

2. Toque

3. Toonie

4. Toofer

5. Hoser

6. Timmies

7. The Rock

8. The Six

9. Yes, b’y

10. Dépanneur

11. Muskoka Chair

12. Keener

13. And finally, Snowbird