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    23 Celeb Instagram Posts From The Early 2010s That Prove It Was A Different Time

    Take me back to 2012...

    Social media has truly changed over the last decade — 2010 feels like a lifetime ago.

    Me taking a mirror selfie in the 2010s with the flash blocking me

    To see just how different social media looks these days, check out these celeb posts from the early 2010s. What a different era it was!

    1. Kylie Jenner went shopping with some Starbucks.

    2. And took pictures of her friends' feet.

    3. Harry Styles thought it was funny that his battery was at 69%.

    4. Beyoncé took an old-fashioned mirror selfie.

    5. And fangirled over Fun.

    6. Katy Perry showed us a classic duck face while posing with a crab(???).

    7. Selena Gomez posted an ~edgy~ selfie.

    8. Joe Jonas got really into Face Swap.

    9. And tried out some filters.

    10. Justin Bieber captioned this mirror selfie "crazy eyes."

    11. And also took a picture of a toilet covered in toilet paper.

    12. Ariana Grande took a classic photo with friends lying in the grass.

    13. Kim Kardashian posted a picture with Rita Ora and Taylor Swift.

    14. Drake hung with the Parks and Recreation cast.

    15. Chrissy Teigen found her porn name (spoiler alert: It was Kitty Drinker).

    16. Karlie Kloss posted a black-and-white selfie with then-bestie Taylor.

    17. While Rihanna posted a Breaking Bad meme.

    18. And got in the Christmas spirit.

    19. Zac Efron met "one of his favorite new actors, Rebel Wilson."

    20. And posted a birthday photo for Ashley Tisdale.

    21. Zendaya showed off her outfit.

    22. Jennifer Lopez went to see Taylor's Red tour.

    23. And finally, The Rock worked out to Kid Rock.

    Celebs — they're just like us!