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19 Unintentionally Funny Moments From Teen Dramas

I could do a post entirely on one season of Riverdale.

1. When Marissa shot Trey and "Mmm Watcha Say"* started playing on The O.C.

The WB

An iconic moment that spawned an SNL sketch and amazing meme.

*The song is actually called "Hide and Seek" and it's by Imogen Heap.

2. On Riverdale, when Archie tried to inspire the kids in his juvie

The CW

I have to laugh.

3. Also on Riverdale, when Betty got the girls to leave the Sisters of Quiet Mercy by pretending to be the Gargoyle Queen.

The CW

Was this more funny or cringey? There's no way of knowing.

4. Or what about when Riverdale's wild Farm storyline ended with Edgar trying to blast off in a rocket ship??

The CW

The outfit...the American flag....There's a lot to unpack here.

5. On Riverdale, when Archie started "The Red Circle" vigilante group and recorded a video threat where everyone was inexplicably shirtless??

The CW

Except for like three of them.

6. On One Tree Hill, when Lucas jumped into the lake to save Nathan, Cooper, and Rachel, but his jump was...less than impressive.

Nathan was clearly the better brother.

7. Also on One Tree Hill, when Nathan got kidnapped and gave a voiceover that ended with him saying "FORTITUDE" out loud, AKA the name of his company with Clay.

The CW

Like, they didn't need an ad for your business, Nathan.

8. When Derek kidnapped Brooke and Peyton on prom night and then they took him down with a cheerleading move on One Tree Hill.

The CW

Brooke literally yelled "PEYTON! EIGHTH GRADE CHEER CAMP!" and then as they went to check if Derek was dead, they talked about how much Brooke hated that camp.

9. On Gossip Girl, when Bart tried to kill Chuck and then fell off the edge of a building and begged Chuck for help. Sounds intense, but...this really weird instrumental played over it.

The CW

Please watch the scene, I beg of you. I get that they were going for like an old movie feel, did not work.

10. When a bunch of people dressed as A just sort of danced around the Liars on Pretty Little Liars.


This was dubbed the a flAsh mob by the show.

11. Also on Pretty Little Liars, when Toby accidentally took a WHOLE BAG of weed gummies and he started tripping balls.



12. When Toby wore a du-rag in a flashback of him in juvie on Pretty Little Liars.


It was random.

13. On Pretty Little Liars, when Ezra sent Aria out for chickpeas and then it was revealed that – GASP – he actually had chickpeas all along!!


Why chickpeas?? It was so random and this creepy music played over it like it was a big deal.

14. When Mr. Shue said they were all minorities on Glee.


Maybe this moment was supposed to be funny, but I don't think the writers knew how instantly iconic it would be.

15. When Blaine dove in front of Kurt to save him from being slushied, and almost lost an eye on Glee.


I realize it was later revealed Sebastian put rocks or something in it, was just such a ridiculous storyline to have Blaine hurt by a slushie.

16. When Finn kissed Emma so Mr. Shue challenged him to a boy band dance-off that included physical fighting on Glee.

And then Mr. Shue refused to forgive him after CLEARLY using the entire thing as an excuse to perform.

17. On Teen Wolf, when Gerard dramatically yelled "MOUNTAIN ASH!!"



18. When Deucalion gave this speech on Teen Wolf that was similarly too much.


This isn't Shakespeare in the Park, Deucalion.

19. And finally, when Cade asked Damon to choose between Elena and Stefan on The Vampire Diaries, and he asked Cade to kill him instead in the most awkward way possible:

The CW

He said it with such a growl, too. I love Ian Somerhalder, but...this was just a lot.

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!

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