Blue Wine Is Totally Instagrammable, But Does It Actually Taste Good?

    Delicious...or disgusting?

    In the good old days, there were just three types of wine: red, white, and rosé. But today, wine comes in almost every color of the rainbow. In fact, you've probably seen crazy wines (like this alarming blue one) popping up all over your Instagram feed.

    Then in the midst of everyone's obsession with activated charcoal food (remember those black ice cream and black hamburger buns?), we even saw black wine having a moment in the spotlight.

    And you probably thought drinking rosé during the summer was cool... until you saw people had already moved on to orange wine.

    So I obviously had to see what all the fuss was about, and I enlisted the help of three colleagues to help me taste test these three wacky colored wines.

    First up: Blue Wine.

    Whether or not we can even call this blue stuff "wine" is up for debate. According to the official website, Gik starts with red or white wine grapes, then they add two organic pigments: "Indigo and anthocyanin – which comes from the very skin of the grapes used to make wine."

    So, how did it taste? Drum roll please...

    The wine smelled very sweet, and it tasted offensively sugary and totally unnatural.

    The consensus: You should definitely not drink this. If you want to drink something blue, stick to Gatorade

    Next up: Black wine.

    The wine looked very dark, and it tasted more or less what you'd expect it to taste like: Very full-bodied and chock full of tannins (which just means your mouth feels super dry immediately after taking a sip).

    Finally, it was time to taste the orange wine.

    The orange wine looked and tasted unique. But what was the consensus?

    So, after trying all three surprising wines, here are some thoughts: