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People Who Ate Burger King's Black Whopper Said It Turned Their Poop Green

If you eat a Whopper, your poo may be going as an emerald this Halloween.

In honor of Halloween, Burger King has finally brought its black-bunned Whopper to the United States, calling it the Halloween Whopper.

Somewhat surprisingly, Burger King patrons have said the burger actually looks pretty close to the ads for it.

#BurgerKing’s black Halloween Whopper actually doesn’t look so bad in real life: http://t.co/T9qR7ON0Gn

But more surprisingly, the burger seems to come out the other end a bit of a different color.

Yesterday I had the Halloween Whopper... Today my poop is green. Yesterday was the last time I'll have the Halloween Whopper.

Quite a lot of people have experienced green poop after eating the burgers!

Took like three days for my poop to stop being green, but was totally worth it, @BurgerKing

Dear @BurgerKing, yesterday I ate a Halloween whopper and now the color of my poop is blue green. Where my brown poo?

thanks for the green poop @BurgerKing

I ate a Halloween whopper just to see if my poop turned green and it DID

It's apparently QUITE green.

Yo @BurgerKing your Halloween Whopper turned my poop SUUUUPER green! It was bomb tho.

Incase anyone wanted to know, the Halloween Whopper turns your poop green. And not even sickly green. Like cartoon green. Comical green.

IT LOOKS LIKE LEPRECHAUN POOP. (Warning: This is a picture of actual green poop).


There's even a #GreenPoop hashtag!!!

#HalloweenWhopper #GreenPoop is a real thing. Don't get to scared after eating it like I did.

You think @BurgerKing will bring back the #greenpoop for St. Patrick's Day?

So if you're going to venture to Burger King for their Halloween burger...maybe proceed with caution.

Public service anouncment! Do not eat the new Burger King Halloween Whopper. It will turn your poop green. Other than that....pretty good.

BuzzFeed has reached out to Burger King for comment about the Whopper's strangely colorful side effect.