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    Here's The Deal With Tignanello, Meghan Markle's Favorite Wine

    Drink like royalty.

    By now you're probably obsessed with Meghan Markle.

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    Or, you're totally over all things Royal Wedding. (In which case: Why did you click into this post anyway?? BYE. 👋)

    And while you can't go off and marry Prince Harry, you can drink like Meghan. You can even try out her favorite wine: Tignanello.

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    In fact, Markle's dicontinued lifestyle blog — The Tig — was named after her favorite bottle of red.

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    Obviously at this point you're thinking you have to get your hands on a bottle of this royal vino, right? Here's what you should know about it...

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    Tignanello is a red wine blend from Tuscany, Italy. It's mostly Sangiovese, with some Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc mixed in.

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    Tignanello falls into a category of wines called "Super Tuscans." In fact, it was the first Super Tuscan wine, created in 1971 by the winery Antinori. "Super Tuscan" basically means that the bottle is a blend of red grapes that are not all from Italy.

    It tastes like red fruit (you'll probably get a hint of cherries), and it's a little bit spicy. You'll also probably taste some tobacco and herbs.

    The price of a bottle depends on the year (aka the vintage), but you can expect to pay about $100.

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    That's because Tignanello — like many other Super Tuscans — are considered some of the best wines in Italy.

    If you're not trying to drop a hundred bucks on a bottle of wine, there are some similar options you could try.

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    Try Tenuta dell'Ornellaia Le Serre Nuove Bolgheri 2014 ($70); Tenuta Luce Lucente 2014 ($30); and Montepeloso A Quo 2013 ($20). These wines have a comparable flavor profile to Tignanello because they're from the same region in Italy (Tuscany), and they're blended from the same or similar grapes.

    Cheers to drinking like royalty!