I'm Weirdly Mesmerized By This Egg Trick On TikTok (And You Will Be Too, TBH)

    I've watched this way too many times.

    TikTok is a gold mine for cooking hacks — from the inside-out omelet egg sandwich to mini pancake cereal.

    But there's a new party trick in town: the delicate and adorable egg envelope. I first saw the trick posted on TikTok by @sunnycuisine.

    The egg envelope goes like this: You'll crack an egg, scoop out the yolk, cook ONLY the whites, and place the yolk back on top...

    Then gently and slowly fold the whites back over the yolk...

    Hands folding one side of the egg white onto the other.

    And voilà — the world's most perfect egg envelope!!

    A folded egg envelope with the yolk inside.

    After watching the tutorial on TikTok, I felt compelled to try it at home.

    I went into the challenge optimistic, expecting it to be pretty difficult but, with some patience and technique, do-able.

    The egg whites cooked nicely and for a second, I thought I could easily nail this.

    Next, I had an idea. If the yolk was too large to fit inside of the whites, maybe using TWO egg whites would do the trick. I followed that instinct, and it looked much more promising. Once the egg whites completely covered the bottom of the pan and set a bit, I added the yolk.

    But yet again, the stubborn little yolk found a way to slip out as I attempted to fold the third side of the egg white envelope.

    An egg yolk falling out of the egg white envelope.

    After another failure, I contemplated ditching the whole thing. But I realized I shouldn't let myself get so worked up over this, and I could just settle for good old over easy eggs.

    My failed attempt to make an egg envelope with yolk dribbling out onto the pan.

    Would I recommend trying this at home? Sure, go for it! If you succeed, please share a photo in the comments because I would love to see it. I have, however, accepted that I probably will never attempt to make another egg envelope in my kitchen.