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    Get Ready: "The Walking Dead" Is Coming Out With A Wine Collection

    Stock up in case of an apocalypse.

    "The Walking Dead" fans will have a new way to cozy up and watch season 8 of their favorite show — thanks to a custom wine collection, hitting online shelves today.


    "The Walking Dead" wine collection will feature three bottles inspired by the hit AMC show. You can buy them for a limited time starting today on Lot18.


    The three hand-crafted blends are:

    • Rick Grimes 2016 California Petite Sirah — which, according to the site, is "bold, dark, and balanced."

    Daryl Dixon 2016 California Cabernet Sauvignon — with extracted flavors of vanilla, dark chocolate and caramel.

    Negan California Bourbon Barrel Red Blend — with flavors of "ripe black fruits, coffee beans, and dried herbs."

    Each bottle retails for $22 — or you can buy a full case of 12 bottles for $208.


    Because after all, when the zombie apocalypse happens, you're going to want to be stocked up on vino.

    For more, head over to Lot18.