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    Costco's Wine Advent Calendar Is Back And People Can't Buy It Fast Enough

    'Tis the season to stock up on a ton of wine.

    You probably think of Costco as the place to buy jumbo packs of toilet paper and $5 rotisserie chickens. But maybe you didn't know that Costco has a seriously impressive wine selection* — and their latest product has people talking.

    A Costco storefront.
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    *Fun fact: Costco sells more wine than any other retailer in the country.

    🍷 Presenting: Costco's WINE ADVENT CALENDAR!!! 🍷

    The bulk box has 24 half bottles of wine from around the world. It's $99.99, which might *seem* pricey up front, but I took a second to do the math.

    @costco_doesitagain / Via

    One full bottle of wine contains five glasses (although I never judge anyone for a heavy pour 🤪). This whole thing contains 12 full bottles of wine, which means 60 glasses of wine. That's about $8 per bottle, or $1.66 per glass.

    But what about the quality and variety of the wine, you ask???


    The bottles break down into a mix of red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines.

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    To be specific, one box contains a French rosé, a French merlot, a zinfandel, an Italian sangiovese, an Argentine malbec, a French syrah, a pinot noir from Moldova, a Spanish tempranillo, a Bulgarian merlot, a French red blend, a Sicilian cabernet-merlot blend, a red blend from Navarra, a Portuguese red blend, a Bordeaux red blend, an Italian sparkling wine, a French sauvignon blanc, a pinot grigio from Moldova, a Spanish macabeo, a South African chenin blanc, a Chilean viognier, an Italian trebbiano, a Portuguese white blend, a Bordeaux white blend, and finally, a very vague Spanish wine (probably white or sparkling).

    And look, I'm a self-proclaimed wine snob — but even I can admit that's a huge variety.


    You can pretty much sample over 20 kinds of wine from all over the world, from France and Italy to South Africa and Argentina. There are even some hard-to-find picks from pretty obscure wine regions like Bulgaria and Moldova.

    If you want more details about each bottle, this website does an amazing job breaking them down. It has tasting notes, a great description, and even the alcohol by volume.

    A screenshot from Wine Advent Calendar displaying one of Costco's bottles and a description of the wine.
    Wine Advent-Ure / Via

    Each wine calendar contains popular varietals that you've probably tried before, like cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir. But it also includes some more under-the-radar varietals like macabeo and viognier, which might help you discover a new favorite.

    Now, I wouldn't expect all of these wines to knock your socks off, but they are all probably decent, affordable bottles that will allow you to try some very diverse wines made in many different styles.

    Michael Scott from "The Office" holding a glass of white wine at a fancy event.

    And if you're someone who loves wine, enjoys trying new things, wants to discover different wine regions and grapes — or even just wants to stock up on wine gifts for friends and family all holiday season — it's a win.

    The only downside? Costco isn't legally permitted to sell wine everywhere.


    According to Market Watch Mag, Costco only sells wine in select stores in 40 states. So if your local Costco carries wine, keep an eye out for the Advent calendar, which — if it's anything like past years — should be rolling out more widely as we head into October and November.

    PS: If wine isn't your thing, there's a beer version too. Cheers! 🍻