10 Words That Will Change The Way You Drink And Buy Wine

    Wine doesn't have to be so complicated.

    With so much terminology and seemingly complicated phrases, the world of wine can feel mysterious and overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be! By understanding these important wine terms, you'll begin to discover the kinds of wine you like to drink, and you'll become more knowledgable when it comes to buying wine.

    1. Varietal

    A poster containing hundreds of wine varietals and their descriptions.

    2. Vintage

    A bottle and glass of wine with an arrow pointing to the year on the label

    3. Old World vs. New World

    Two bottles of Pinot Noir, one from California and the other from France.

    4. Tannin

    A bottle of red wine with a cute label with a ladybug and butterfly.

    5. Acidity

    A bottle of Italian light red wine with lots of acidity.

    6. Natural, Organic, and Biodynamic

    A handful of natural wines on a countertop containing some reds, rosés, and white wines.

    7. Pét-Nat

    A bottle of peach-colored pét-nat wine with a bunny on its label.

    8. Late Harvest

    Three bottles of sweet Chateau d'Yquem dessert wine.

    9. Appellation

    Three bottles of wine from France with their appellation (AOC) circled in pink.

    10. Skin Contact