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    These Are The Best Trader Joe's Products Of All Time, From Someone Who Basically Knows The Aisles Of The Store With Her Eyes Closed

    I think I've tried just about everything on the shelves at this point.

    Hi, I'm Hannah and I spend way more time than I'd like to admit at Trader Joe's. I think it's safe to say that by now I am almost too familiar with the aisles at my local store, so much so that I can immediately identify when there's a new product or something that is noticeably missing.

    A Trader Joe's cart full of groceries.

    Trader Joe's has some amazing products that I buy time and time again (and a few misses I avoid if we're being honest), but of course, not everything can be created equally. So I rounded up a list of my all-time favorite T.J's items (in no particular order). If you haven't tried these out yet, I highly recommend them.

    A hand holding a grocery cart full of food.

    1. Ranch Seasoning Blend

    Jars of Ranch Seasoning Blend.

    2. Fully Cooked Pork Carnitas

    3. Chocolate Lava Cakes

    A box of Chocolate Lava Cakes.

    4. Sesame Crunch Chopped Salad Kit

    Sesame Crunch Chopped Salad

    5. Chimichurri Sauce

    A container of Chimichurri Sauce.

    6. Peanut Butter Brookie

    A box of Peanut Butter Brookie

    7. Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce

    Jars of Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce.

    8. Triple Cream Brie Cheese

    A cheese and charcuterie board.

    9. Squiggly Knife Cut Noodles

    Squiggly Knife Cut Noodles

    10. Mozzarella Sticks

    Pulling apart a frozen mozzarella stick.

    11. Peanut Butter Protein Granola

    Peanut butter granola.

    12. Ube Mochi Pancakes and Waffle Mix

    A box of ube mochi pancake and waffle mix.

    13. Frozen Chocolate Croissants

    Uncooked and cooked chocolate croissants.

    14. Nova Salmon Pieces

    Nova salmon on avocado toast.

    15. White Miso Paste

    Trader Joe's White Miso Paste

    16. Frozen Cauliflower Gnocchi

    Cauliflower gnocchi, tomato soup, kale, and chicken sausage in a cart.

    17. Hold The Cone Mini Ice Cream Cones

    Assorted boxes of Hold The Cone Mini Ice Cream Cones

    18. Chorizo de Bellota Iberico

    A package of Chorizo de Bellota Iberico

    19. Cheddar Cheese & Uncured Bacon Egg Bites

    Cheddar Cheese & Uncured Bacon Egg Bites

    20. Strawberry Yogurt O’s

    A box of Strawberry Yogurt O’s

    21. Organic Creamy Tomato Soup

    Tomato soup, spinach, cauliflower gnocchi, and sun dried tomatoes.

    22. Kung Pao Cauliflower

    23. Dried Chile Spiced Mango

    Packages of Dried Chile Spiced Mango.

    24. Green Tea Mochi

    Boxes of Trader Joe's mochi dessert.

    25. Sweet Picante Peppers With Creamy Cheese Filling

    Sweet Picante Peppers With Creamy Cheese Filling

    26. Peri-Peri Sauce

    Peri-peri sauces on a shelf.

    27. Butternut Squash Mac 'n' Cheese

    Boxes of Butternut Squash Mac 'n' Cheese.

    28. Frozen Hashbrowns

    A grocery cart with hashbrowns, smoked salmon, eggs, and avocado.

    29. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread

    Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread

    30. Chicken Tikka Masala

    31. Cacio e Pepe Puffs

    A bag of Cacio e Pepe Puffs.

    32. Corn Cookie Mix

    Corn Cookie Mix

    33. Pastry Pups

    34. Frozen Scallion Pancakes

    Scallion pancakes, eggs, and pork belly in a grocery basket.

    35. Chicken Cilantro Mini Wontons

    Mini chicken cilantro wontons.

    36. Gone Bananas

    A box of Gone Bananas

    37. Herbed Tahini Sauce

    Herbed tahini sauce, cauliflower, pita, and za'atar seasoning.

    38. Battered Fish Nuggets

    Corn tortillas and a box of fish nuggets.

    39. Truffle Marcona Almonds

    40. Vegan Feta Cheese Alternative

    Vegan Feta Cheese Alternative

    41. Organic Coconut Smoothie

    Organic coconut smoothies.

    42. Smoked Chicken Tenders Dog Treats

    43. Tarte d'Alsace

    A cooked Tarte d'Alsace next to the box.

    44. Frozen Garlic Naan

    Garlic naan with tzatziki.

    45. Thai Banana Fritters

    Thai Banana Fritters

    46. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

    Containers of Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

    47. Green Goddess Dressing

    Bottle of Green Goddess Dressing.

    48. Raspberry Mini Mousse Cakes

    A Raspberry Mini Mousse Cake.

    49. Steamed Pork and Ginger Soup Dumplings

    50. Cacio e Pepe Ravioli

    Cooked cacio e pepe ravioli.

    51. Mandarin Orange Chicken

    52. Salsa Verde Flavored Tortilla Chips

    A bag of Salsa Verde Flavored Tortilla Chips.

    53. Danish Kringle

    A bag of Danish Kringle.

    54. Brazilian Style Cheese Bread.

    A box of Brazilian Style Cheese Bread.

    55. Elote Corn Chip Dippers

    A bag of Elote Corn Chip Dippers.

    56. Palak Paneer

    Trader Joe's cooked palak paneer.

    57. Arrabbiata Sauce

    Jars of Arrabbiata Sauce.

    58. Wild Raw Argentinian Red Shrimp

    59. Shawarma Chicken Thighs

    60. Cold Pressed Green Juice

    Cold Pressed Green Juices

    61. Caramelized Onion Dip

    Caramelized Onion Dip.

    62. Jalapeño Sauce

    Bottles of Jalapeño Sauce.

    63. Everything But the Bagel Nut Duo

    A bag of Everything But the Bagel Nut Duo

    64. Chili Onion Crunch

    Jars of chili onion crunch.

    65. Frozen Chicken Tamales

    Packages of tamales.

    66. Italian Bomba Hot Pepper Sauce

    A jar of Italian Bomba Hot Pepper Sauce.

    67. Vegan Thai Green Curry

    A box of Vegan Thai Green Curry.

    68. Pizza Bread Cheese

    Pizza Bread Cheese

    69. Rosemary Croissant Croutons

    A hand holding a bag of Rosemary Croissant Croutons.

    70. Fancy Cheese Crunchies

    Fancy Cheese Crunchies

    71. Spicy Chai Tea Latte Mix

    Spicy Chai Tea Latte Mix

    72. Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches.

    73. Speculoos Cookie Butter Ice Cream

    Speculoos Cookie Butter Ice Cream

    74. Chocolate & Peanut Butter Joe-Joes Sandwich Cookies

    Boxes of Chocolate & Peanut Butter Joe-Joes Sandwich Cookies.

    75. Balsamic Glaze

    Jars of Balsamic Glaze.

    76. Bruschetta Sauce

    A container of Bruschetta Sauce.

    Do you have a favorite Trader Joe's product I didn't mention? Leave it in the comments!