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    People Are Sharing Their Favorite Recipes From Their Cultures, And I Can't Wait To Make Them

    Cook your way around the world.

    Chances are, you've been cooking much more than ever before. And maybe you even feel like you're in a bit of a cooking rut, making the same recipes over and over again.

    If you're getting bored of your home cooking repertoire, try experimenting with some new recipes. We asked the BuzzFeed community to share the best dishes from their cultures and cuisines, and here's what they said.

    1. Greek Scrambled Eggs With Tomato & Feta (Strapatsada)

    2. Lentils and Rice (Du Riz Lentilles)

    Cooked black lentils.

    3. Samosas

    Fried samosas topped with green sauce.

    4. Rigatoni alla Buttera

    Rigatoni alla buttera

    5. Peanut Butter Soup

    Surinamese peanut soup.

    6. Bun Bo Hue (Spicy Vietnamese Beef and Pork Noodles)

    A bowl of Vietnamese beef and pork noodle soup.

    7. Arepas

    8. Avgolemono

    A bowl of Greek chicken and rice soup.

    9. Red Chile Stew

    A bowl of beef stew in red chile sauce.

    10. Lahmajoun

    Lahmajoun, an Armenian thin-crust flatbread topped with spices.

    11. Tahdig

    Crispy Persian rice with chickpeas.

    12. Kare Kare

    A bowl of beef kare kare.

    13. Burning Love (Brændende Kærlighed)

    Danish mashed potatoes with bacon and beets.

    14. Varenyky

    15. Crawfish Etouffe

    Crawfish etouffe over rice.

    16. Chilaquiles

    Chilaquiles rojo topped with cheese, avocado, onion, and plated with black beans.

    17. Banh Xèo

    A Vietnamese rice flour crepe with herbs on the side.

    18. Irish Champ

    A bowl of Irish mashed potatoes with scallions, chives, and butter.

    19. Stegt Flæsk

    Danish Grilled Pork Belly in Parsley Sauce (Stegt Flaesk)

    20. Ratatouille

    A cast iron skillet filled with ratatouille.

    21. Matzo Ball Soup

    A bowl of matzo ball soup with celery and carrots.

    22. Ackee and Saltfish

    Ackee and saltfish.

    23. Raggmunk

    Swedish potato pancakes topped with bacon and jam.

    24. Rouladen

    Beef rouladen stuffed with bacon, onion, and pickles.

    25. Olivye Salad

    Olivye potato salad.

    Do you have a favorite dish from your culture or cuisine that wasn't mentioned? Tell us in the comments below!