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10 Kitchen Items We're Obsessing Over This Month

Here's what you should try.

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1. This organic coconut oil that tastes like you're cooking with butter.


"I'm a huge fan of coconut oil in general, so I have been loving using this on popcorn and to sauté my veggies — especially mushrooms — for tasty weekend breakfasts. There's no denying how delicious cooking with butter is, but this vegan-friendly alternative is an amazing substitute." —Gyan Yankovich

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2. An extra-roomy sauté pan that allows you to cook a whole meal at once.

Via, Michelle No / BuzzFeed

"I got this Tasty sauté pan from a coworker who won it in an office raffle — and it's pretty much my new favorite lazy chef tool.

If you're confused in what way this would serve a lazy person, allow me to explain: When I'm home from work the last thing I want to do is cook an elaborate meal using multiple dishes. Even though this pot is proooobably made to cook for an entire family, I use it to cook one entire meal for myself.

I use one side to cook a protein, one side to cook a vegetable, and sometimes another to cook something starchy like sweet potatoes. The design allows me to get sloppy with my flipping and stirring without worrying about my food spilling over and making a huge mess on my stovetop. I know that real-life chefs who use this pot for what it's meant for (like searing meats or reducing sauces) are probably spewing Gordon Ramsay–esque obscenities in their heads, but WHATEVER — it's my kitchen, my rules!

Besides eliminating the need for multiple pots, this lil' guy also has a nonstick surface, so I can literally clean it off in, like, 15 seconds tops. I just swish some water around it, give it a quick five-second scrub, rinse it again, and my dishes are done and I am officially the best roommate ever." —Michelle No

Get one from Walmart for $27.88.

3. This mini cookbook dedicated completely to yogurt.

Short Stack Editions / Via

"I love yogurt. So when one of my favorite bloggers, Molly Yeh, came out with a mini cookbook dedicated completely to it, I had to buy it. It's filled with so many clever ways to use yogurt — from simple yogurt pitas to more unexpected things like yogurt egg creams and a genius mac 'n' cheese recipe. I know this is a super food-dork product, but if you're anything like me, you'll geek out over it and find a whole new appreciation for yogurt. (As a bonus, I learned that there is a whole collection of single-ingredient cookbooks that look pretty awesome too. I've got my eyes on the butter version next.)" —Jesse Szewczyk

Get it from Short Stack Editions for $14.

4. A sleek infuser that'll get you excited to make tea.


"I don't drink coffee but I'm a big fan of tea, and I'll drink about three or four cups on any given day. I like to try different flavors and when I'm feeling extra fancy, I go for loose-leaf teas. Up until recently, I used one of these metal ball infusers, but there were always some leaves coming out and it was a pain. So I decided to try a nicer tea infuser. It only cost me $9 and I'm only half kidding when I say it changed my life. You can place it over a teapot or a mug, it's large enough that it's never annoying to fill, and no leaf ever escapes. It's perfect." —Marie Telling

Get it on Amazon for $8.99.


5. A baker's block that's actually a lifesaver in small kitchens.

Amazon / Via

"My roommates and I kept breaking dishes because we literally just didn't have anymore room in our tiny kitchen. We decided to buy this baker's block for a bit of extra storage and, honestly, it's been a lifesaver. The 'S' hooks allow us to hang up all our mugs, the butcher block gives a bit of more kitchen prep space, and there are still three shelves of storage for food and pantry items. It was super easy to put together (I even did that by myself) and it's very sturdy." —Nichole Francois

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6. This canned jackfruit that passes for a surprisingly delicious meatless meal.

Amazon, Hannah Loewentheil/BuzzFeed

"I'd recently seen a lot of jackfruit recipes on Pinterest, so I wanted to try some for myself. I bought a can of brined green jackfruit, marinated it in a spice rub, and cooked it in BBQ sauce, following this recipe. The verdict? I'm not even vegetarian, and I literally couldn't believe how good it was. If you're trying to eat less meat (or you just want to try something new), definitely give this a try." —Hannah Loewentheil

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7. This Danish dough whisk that makes baking bread a breeze.

Williams Sonoma / Via

"I bake A LOT of bread at home and this Danish dough whisk I got recently is an absolute game-changer. There's way less surface area compared to the spoon I've been using to mix up my dough, which means I don't get clumps of flour stuck to the spoon that I have to scrape off or waste. Plus, the wires really cut through the ingredients and fully (and evenly) incorporate them. Again, no more pockets of flour! No uneven clumps clinging to the side or bottom of the mixing bowl! No more scraping floury paste off your hands! It seems like such a simple thing, but it makes a HUGE difference." —Cates Holderness

Get it from Williams Sonoma for $22.95.

8. These produce containers that miraculously keep berries perfectly fresh for weeks.

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed / Via

"I can never seem to eat all my fruits and veggies before they go bad — so when I saw these produce-saving containers, I knew I had to try them. When I first got the containers, I ran a simple test: I kept half a package of strawberries in the container I bought them in, then put the other half in the produce saver. The photos, taken after 10 days, really speak for themselves. If you're often let down by produce that just doesn't last as long as you need it to, I highly recommend these containers. You can read my full review here." —Natalie Brown

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9. These instant herbal beverages that are a satisfying (and caffeine-free) alternative to your morning coffee.

Amazon, Jesse Szewczyk/BuzzFeed

"I'm in the middle of my second attempt to give up caffeine this year. The first time, I lasted about a month. This time, I've gone five weeks and don't feel as tempted to cheat. And it's mostly thanks to these instant beverage packets.

The thing I missed the most about coffee was simply the experience of drinking something warm, rich, and slightly bitter. My friend suggested I try Dandy Blend, an instant beverage made from barley, rye, chicory, dandelion root, and beetroot. It might sound weird, but it tastes pretty darn close to the real deal, minus the caffeine.

The powder comes in individual servings. You just mix it with hot water, then add whatever you want. I add soy milk and sugar, but it's pretty drinkable without. I know this is kinda strange, but if you're trying to give up caffeine, it will at least give you that same warm, comforting feeling that a morning cup of joe would." —Jesse Szewczyk

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10. And Chrissy Teigen's cookbook, a must-have for people who want to cook more.


"I finally gave Chrissy Teigen's first cookbook, Cravings, a try — and I must say: John's Favorite Wings are now MY favorite wings! I really think Chrissy and I have the exact same palate; her taste for savory food is especially on point. The fact that she threw Cholula hot sauce into her chicken wing glaze recipe really, really spoke to me 😍" —Diana Lopez

Get it on Amazon for $21.32.