29 Wonderful Things You Can Do Now That It's Really Cold Outside

    Please pass the butter and the wooly socks.

    1. Wear an excessively large scarf.

    2. Put a small animal in your excessively large scarf.

    3. Get your tongue stuck to a pole.

    4. Look hella fly in a hella fly coat.

    5. Whip out the wooly socks, stick them on your feet, and stick your feet on the radiator.

    6. Say "brrrrrr!" as much as you like.

    7. Sit next to the radiator, forever.

    8. Wear a nosewarmer.

    9. Instagram your super long shadow.

    10. Get out of things thanks to weather-induced illness.

    11. Wear one of these.

    12. Take a strong selfie in the winter light.

    13. Start wearing your ugly Christmas jumper.

    14. Get an ugly Christmas jumper for your cat.

    15. Drink all of the hot chocolate.

    16. Eat all of the soup.

    17. And all of the jacket potatoes with all of the cheese.

    18. And all of the butter.

    19. And then the rest of the soup.

    20. Get cosy in some emoji sweatpants.

    21. Blame the cold for why you never exercise.

    22. Or enjoy a frosty jog outside.

    23. Sing that one line from that one song in "Frozen".

    24. Experience the perfection of having a hot drink outside.

    25. Or even better, have a hot drink outside while wearing wellies.

    26. Pass time with multiple cats on your lap without getting overheated.

    27. Look out the window on a frosty morning and say, "OOooOOoOOoOOh, frost!"

    28. Wonder at the majesty of the natural world.

    29. And most importantly, snack in bed.