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    Posted on Oct 24, 2014

    51 Reasons To Fall In Love With Egypt

    Quickly, to the airport!

    1. The Abu Simbel temples in Aswan.

    Mike Smith / Via Flickr: mikesm / Creative Commons

    2. St. Simon Coptic Orthodox Church, aka the "Cave Church" of Cairo.

    arch2452 / Via Flickr: arch2452 / Creative Commons

    3. The spectacular coral reefs of the Red Sea.

    Andreas Metz / Via Flickr: natarajam / Creative Commons

    4. Traditional felucca sailboats on the Nile.

    Michael Gwyther-Jones / Via Flickr: 12587661@N06 / Creative Commons

    5. Mount Sinai at daybreak.

    alljengi / Via Flickr: 27718315@N02 / Creative Commons

    6. The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

    Stefan Geens / Via Flickr: jason-pang / Creative Commons

    7. Colourful fishing boats in Alexandria.

    Casey / Via Flickr: ramblurr / Creative Commons

    8. The beach along the Sinai coast.

    jay8085 / Via Flickr: 89649959@N00 / Creative Commons

    9. The lights of Cairo over the Nile at dusk.

    Frank Schulenburg / Via Flickr: frank_schulenburg / Creative Commons

    10. The stunning rock sculptures of the White Desert by day...

    BeeFortyTwo / Via Flickr: beefortytwo / Creative Commons

    11. ...and its stars by night.

    Peng Jun Jason / Via Flickr: jason-pang / Creative Commons

    12. Alexandria's waterfront...

    Mohd Azli Abdul Malek / Via Flickr: obekenobi / Creative Commons

    13. ...and its beautiful library.

    Noel Hidalgo / Via Flickr: noneck

    14. The delicious street food, koshary.

    Youssef Abdelaal

    It's rice, macaroni, lentils, chickpeas, crispy fried onions, and as much hot sauce as you can manage.

    15. Friendly camels.

    Alexander Witt / Via Flickr: alexanderwitt / Creative Commons

    16. The dunes of the Great Sand Sea.

    Umberto De Peppo Cocco / Via Flickr: umbertodpc / Creative Commons

    17. The Muhammad Ali mosque from the outside...

    Hector de Pereda / Via Flickr: hdepereda / Creative Commons

    18. ...and the inside.

    Ernie R / Via Flickr: seyerce / Creative Commons

    19. Pistachio baklava.

    Farrukh / Via Flickr: swamibu / Creative Commons

    20. The City of the Dead, Cairo.

    Charlie Phillips / Via Flickr: savingfutures / Creative Commons

    21. Sitting and chatting in Fishawi's Cafe, in Khan El-Khalili, for hours.

    Travel Aficionado / Via Flickr: travel_aficionado / Creative Commons

    22. Sand storms.

    Dorli Photography / Via Flickr: dorlino / Creative Commons

    (As long as you're inside.)

    23. Hearing someone play the oud, live.

    Omar Adel / Via Flickr: omaradel-ph / Creative Commons

    Such as this musician, from the Alif Ensemble.

    24. The creamy, nutty dessert, Um Ali.

    iDip / Via Flickr: idip / Creative Commons

    25. Al-Azhar University.

    Tarek Harbi / Via Flickr: 53813549@N08 / Creative Commons

    26. Fresh falafel.

    Robert Young / Via Flickr: robertpaulyoung / Creative Commons

    These particular falafel are from Felfela, a restaurant in downtown Cairo.

    27. Tahrir Square.

    Gigi Ibrahim / Via Flickr: gigiibrahim / Creative Commons

    (Although it's not always as packed as it was in January 2011.)

    28. Spectacular sunsets...

    Christopher Prentiss Michel / Via Flickr: cmichel67 / Creative Commons

    29. ...and even more spectacular traffic jams.

    walidhassanein / Via Flickr: tronics / Creative Commons

    (As long as you're not late for something.)

    30. Al Azhar Park.

    Scott D. Haddow / Via Flickr: 42807077@N07 / Creative Commons

    31. Really old men reading newspapers.

    b-e-m / Via Flickr: b-e-m / Creative Commons

    32. The Black Desert.

    mariusz kluzniak / Via Flickr: 39997856@N03 / Creative Commons

    33. The Temple of Amada in Nubia.

    Dennis Jarvis / Via Flickr: archer10

    34. The Sahn Pillars of the Muhammad Ali Mosque.

    Ernie R / Via Flickr: seyerce / Creative Commons

    35. Desert foxes.

    Graham Smith / Via Flickr: grahamsblog / Creative Commons

    36. The Temple of Kom Ombo in Aswan.

    superblinkymac / Via Flickr: superblinkymac / Creative Commons

    37. Tiny cups of coffee.

    Alan Teo / Via Flickr: alanosaur / Creative Commons

    38. And minty tea loaded up with sugar.

    Alan Teo / Via Flickr: alanosaur / Creative Commons

    39. The ruins at Luxor.

    Christopher Prentiss Michel / Via Flickr: cmichel67 / Creative Commons

    40. Lake Nasser.

    Christopher Prentiss Michel / Via Flickr: cmichel67 / Creative Commons

    41. The domes of St.Mark Church, Heliopolis.

    Andrew A. Shenouda / Via Flickr: 2007828 / Creative Commons

    42. Taking a stroll through Islamic Cairo...

    Kyle Taylor / Via Flickr: kyletaylor / Creative Commons

    43. ...and Coptic Cairo.

    Nora Shalaby / Via Flickr: norashalaby / Creative Commons

    44. More spectacular sunsets.

    Jolianne / Via Flickr: joliexis / Creative Commons

    45. Flowers in Al Azhar Park.

    Filip Maljković / Via Flickr: dungodung / Creative Commons

    46. Kittens in Khan el-Khalil.

    vagabondblogger / Via Flickr: vagabondblogger / Creative Commons

    47. St. Catherine's Monastery, Sinai.

    Andreas Metz / Via Flickr: natarajam

    48. Ancient stone carvings, everywhere.

    Christopher Michel / Via Flickr: cmichel67

    49. The Nile, from space.

    NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center / Via Flickr: nasamarshall / Creative Commons

    50. ...or a bit closer up.

    Gon Caride / Via Flickr: 96362106@N07 / Creative Commons

    51. Oh, and also the pyramids.

    Dorli Photography / Via Flickr: dorlino


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