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27 Things You'll Get If You've Ever Been An Unpaid Intern

You can't pay rent with all that valuable life experience you're earning.

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1. So you've reached the sad and boring death march of adult life, and it's time to get a job.


But you can't get a job without ~experience~, so you think, how about an internship eh?? What could go wrong????

2. But oh wait, it turns out you can't even get an internship without experience, either!

This internship literally requires both an undergraduate degree seeking student and 1+ year in-field experience.

Also how are you even supposed to be experienced AND a student at the same time?

3. And even an UNPAID internship can require you to have previous experience.

This UNPAID INTERNSHIP requires 2+ years of experience......

I thought getting experience was the point??????

4. Or they just list some pretty specific or weird qualifications that you will definitely have to ignore when you apply.

"Looking for Graphic Design Intern(unpaid), Must be advanced in: Ps,Dw,Ae,Ai,Id,Pr,Wordpress,Excel, & Gymnastics"


5. As if it weren't all absurd/depressing enough, there are internships offered out there for people with Masters' degrees.

Michaeljung / Getty Images / Twitter: @TaraHillen

That's some grown-ass, qualified-as-hell people expected to work for free.

6. Realising all of this, and knowing that it's actually REALLY COMPETITIVE to even get an unpaid internship, can be a pretty rude awakening.

when I read: "holding degree" "rising junior or senior" "unpaid intern" "previous experience required"

You need a job for money, and you apparently need a job that doesn't pay anything to get a job for money, hahahaha everything will be fine.

7. But you figure since you're totally screwed anyway, you may as well accept whatever you're offered.

Of course, you can only afford to do this if you have:

a) Savings

b) Parents that spoil you tbh

c) A place to stay for free

d) Another, actual, PAYING job that you work at the same time to pay the bills

e) A death wish

f) All of the above


14. Or maybe you DO have a lot of real responsibilities, and your work is contributing a LOT to the office's success, and you're just there like, lol, I don't get paid for this.


18. The best you can do is find a way to make yourself feel better about your lowly station.


21. Yup, chances are, you've heard a thing or two from (kinda rich) generations above you about how people used to work hard and make sacrifices for a living.

23. It can be a bit hard to explain to your family what you're doing with your time.

"Oh, it's great experience! I'm making lots of contacts and adding valuable skills to my CV! Also can I borrow some money ha ha I'm fine I swear just advancing my career y'know!"