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    This Adorable Dog Was Rescued After 9 Days Trapped On A Sea Cliff

    RNLI volunteers performed a dramatic rescue after spotting the spaniel at the bottom of a sheer cliff in Devon.

    Meet Sprig the Springer Spaniel.

    Fran Stothard / Rex/REX USA

    His owners thought he was lost forever after being separated on a walk near Foreland Point in north Devon on 22 August.

    Yesterday, however, a volunteer RNLI lifeboat crew spotted Sprig at the foot of a high cliff while out on a training exercise, and leapt to his rescue.

    RNLI / Via

    He had somehow survived more than a week without food or water.

    The RNLI crew had initially thought he was a stranded sheep and were surprised to find the small, sad pup.

    RNLI / Via

    Helmsman Andrew Escott told the BBC: "We went in as close as we could then we could see it was a dog. It was about 30 feet above the water and we couldn't work out how it had got in that position".

    Once safely on board, Sprig cheered up a bit.

    RNLI / Via

    Mr Escott told the BBC: "He had clearly been there for some time because he was licking water off my dry suit and he did seem rather pleased to see us."

    He has since returned to his normal daily routine.

    Fran Stothard / Rex/REX USA

    Watch the video of RNLI volunteers making their dramatic rescue.

    View this video on YouTube

    RNLI / Via

    (Trigger warning for people who suffer from seasickness. Seriously.)

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