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25 Things You'll Only Remember If You Were The Good Kid In School

You secretly loved homework.

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3. That addiction to grades may mean that nowadays you're kind of bad at assessing yourself.

Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

"Sure, you liked my conversation on this date...but would you give it an A or an A minus?"


8. You have plenty of leftover resentment about the “group work” you did that was actually just you carrying along a bunch of freeloaders.

When you get the whole class an A on the test 🙌🏽 (via @yo_rochelle)

"Oh, good, we ALL get an A. Everyone one of us. Who stayed up all night and worked really hard. Yup. Good."


12. Sometimes, when you hear about people’s wild times as teenagers, you just have to nod along like “yeah... totally... same!” when really you spent your free time in innocent activities.

14. You probably had overly keen parents with very high expectations for you.

"Mom I got 98% for math" "If you can get as much as 98% why is it so hard for you to get the other 2%??" #GrowingUpAsian


20. There was nothing – NOTHING – worse in school than getting in trouble.

Twitter: @freddyamazin

You can probably count on one hand the number of times you got in trouble at school – and remember each instance in vivid detail. And why it was totally unjust. You still think about it today.

21. You always felt a LOT of pressure in school – it felt like every choice would you made would have a huge impact on your life.

im VERY laid back. i only care about 2 things: every person on earth & their opinion of me the crushing psychological weight of being alive

“I may only be eight, but this book report will determine the course of my future forever.”

23. And applying for a job felt even MORE like rolling out every good thing you've ever done to prove you were, and still are, a good kid.

Annebaek / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

You've been working for this your WHOLE LIFE and it's hard not to come off overly keen.