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23 Things Everyone Who's Both Lazy And Ambitious Does

You're gonna be a big star – just as soon as you get up and shower.

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5. But as you've gotten older, your ambitions may have changed a bit.

ME, AGE 24: I want to roam the world, an untethered vagabond! ME, AGE 34: I hope I can die in this new house because moving is terrible

The goals you had when you were 8 sound like a lot of energy nowadays.

7. But as soon as you imagine all the ingredients you would have to buy, and how much chopping there would be, and how long it would take, you usually give up.

8. And maybe you've even made grand plans for yourself in the shape of a new exercise regimen...

i did like 5 squats today so if you catch me looking a lil thick tomorrow don't be alarmed


15. You know that your life goals would probably pan out if you were cleaner and more organised.

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But you can think of nothing worse than spending the effort it would take to get clean and organised.