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The 33 Most Satisfying Things That Have Ever Happened To Food

Food isn't only pleasurable when you're eating it.

1. This street vendor making ice cream rolls in Thailand.

Yes. Yessss. Scrape it. Scrape it into those beautiful little rolls.

2. The first forkful of mousse.

Oh hello to you too, mousse.

3. Photographer Emily Blincoe's arrangements.

Image Courtesy of Emily Blincoe / Via

4. Thank you, Emily Blincoe.

Image Courtesy of Emily Blincoe / Via

Thank you for giving us peace, at last.

5. Pizza getting sauced at Costco.

Do you feel that? The trance-like state of pleasure washing over you?

6. A peeled lemon.

7. This arrangement of ratatouille.

It's more delicious if it's perfect.

8. This display at Whole Foods.

There should be as many tourists taking photos of this as the Mona Lisa TBH.

9. The preparation of this chocolate ball dessert.

Byron Talbott / Via

Is your mouth hanging open? Is a small puddle of drool collecting at your feet?

10. Purchasing an avocado of such beautiful proportions.


11. When someone decided to take their toast game to a whole new level.

Spoon University / Via

A beautiful level.

12. And the person who took soft-serve to new heights.

~Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.~

13. This plate of cheeses, meats, and fruits.

If you were an actual king or queen, a plate like this would be next to you at all times.

14. These chocolate dogs.

Every breed has a different filling.

15. A perfectly full container of cocoa.

All the way to the top, with beautiful little dimples, beckoning for your spoon.

16. Cracking crème brûlée.

Òh my göd yés yès yês.

17. This tiny little apple tart.

Who knew apples could be more beautiful than roses?

18. This mountain of pancakes.

A mountain someone was brave enough to scale.

19. The discovery, and slicing, of this watermelon.

You sweet, beautiful thing.

20. And the way this watermelon fits in this bag.

Get right in there.

21. Toasted marshmallow chocolate mousse.

It's hard to even type the name of this creation without crying.

22. The motion of cranberry sauce sliding.

23. BBQ.

Just BBQ.

24. The way pasta is made.

Discovery Channel / Via

25. And even better, ice cream sandwiches.

26. The peaceful bubbling of a deep fryer.

27. And the sizzling of bacon.

28. And the borderline-erotic melting of butter.

29. The way this ice cream is scooped.

30. The way this strawberry is sliced

Thank you for your service, strawberry.

31. The way these Tater Tots fit on this baking tray.


32. The most perfectly peeled apple.

Are you guys screaming? 'Cause I'm screaming.

33. Someone call an ambulance.

And tell them that all of our hearts have just exploded.

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