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The 33 Most Satisfying Things That Have Ever Happened To Food

Food isn't only pleasurable when you're eating it.

1. This street vendor making ice cream rolls in Thailand.

2. The first forkful of mousse.

3. Photographer Emily Blincoe's arrangements.

4. Thank you, Emily Blincoe.

5. Pizza getting sauced at Costco.

6. A peeled lemon.

7. This arrangement of ratatouille.

8. This display at Whole Foods.

9. The preparation of this chocolate ball dessert.

10. Purchasing an avocado of such beautiful proportions.

11. When someone decided to take their toast game to a whole new level.

12. And the person who took soft-serve to new heights.

13. This plate of cheeses, meats, and fruits.

14. These chocolate dogs.

15. A perfectly full container of cocoa.

16. Cracking crème brûlée.

17. This tiny little apple tart.

18. This mountain of pancakes.

19. The discovery, and slicing, of this watermelon.

20. And the way this watermelon fits in this bag.

21. Toasted marshmallow chocolate mousse.

22. The motion of cranberry sauce sliding.

23. BBQ.

24. The way pasta is made.

25. And even better, ice cream sandwiches.

26. The peaceful bubbling of a deep fryer.

27. And the sizzling of bacon.

28. And the borderline-erotic melting of butter.

29. The way this ice cream is scooped.

30. The way this strawberry is sliced

31. The way these Tater Tots fit on this baking tray.

32. The most perfectly peeled apple.

33. Someone call an ambulance.

And tell them that all of our hearts have just exploded.