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    28 Very Real Struggles Of Being A Bad Pokémon Trainer

    My CP15 Oddish isn't weak, he's BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL.

    1. You downloaded Pokémon Go thinking that even if you suck at life sometimes, maybe you could cut it as a Pokémon trainer.

    "Why are millennials so obsessed with Pokémon Go?"

    2. But it didn't take long for you to realise that you're as bad at Pokémon as you are at life.

    Twitter: @OfficiallyMJB


    3. To start with, you probably picked a shit username cause you didn't realise you can't change it later.


    4. And you always seem to come across the most underwhelming Pokestops.

    5. When you got to level 5 you didn't really understand who these people were or what the different teams meant....


    6. ...and that's why you picked Team Instinct.

    7. Your neighbourhood has one type of shit Pokémon.

    8. If you have anything near you at all.

    I'm at work rn and I'm so disappointed At least my actual work place is a pokestop

    9. But even when you go out hunting you only ever find more of the same thing.

    10. Even your lure modules only seem to attract crap.

    Wasted a lure module for this crap 😂

    At least you're rich in Rattatas, right?

    11. You can be in the exact same place with your friends and they seem to get so much better stuff.

    Friends: I got so many rare pokemons, what about you? Me:

    Yes I'm very happy with my Zubats and my Rattatas, thank you very much. 😒

    12. And your friends are somehow 10 levels ahead of you even if you started playing at the same time.

    When someone says they hardly play Pokemon but they 10 levels higher that you

    13. You only ever seem to be able to hatch garbage Pokémon.


    All that walking for a fucking Zubat, are you kidding me?

    14. You're not good at making strategic decisions about transfers because you form emotional attachments to weak, cute Pokémon.

    Niantic / BuzzFeed

    He may be only be CP15 but he's so strong and brave and I will NEVER transfer him to Professor Oak! 😭

    15. And you've probably slipped up while making transfers, with disastrous consequences.

    16. The first time you went to a gym, you had no idea what you were doing, and watched as your precious babies were slaughtered one after the other.

    HBO / Via

    Sweet Oddish, I'm sorry I couldn't protect you.

    17. It was a scarring experience, so now you mostly avoid gyms.

    HBO / Via

    You're more of an egg-walker anyway.

    18. And if you ever DID manage to take a gym, your weak-ass Pokémon only managed to hold it for about 10 minutes.

    Twitter: @1JaimeGarcia

    Basically you killed off all your stronger Pokémon winning the gym and then didn't have anything to hold it with, and now everyone in the neighbourhood is probably laughing at you.

    19. You've definitely wasted incense sitting around at home cause you were too lazy to walk around a bit.

    20. And you've probably outsourced egg-walking duties, also out of laziness.

    Twitter: @1JaimeGarcia

    "Oh, if you're going to get some milk, can you take my phone with you?"

    21. You're certain, although you have no proof, that the servers fail more frequently for you than for your friends.


    It always stops loading right there.

    22. And you're sure your battery drains faster than everyone else's.

    When even just opening Pokemon Go makes you lose 1% battery

    How are you supposed to become a Pokemon master half an hour at a time?

    23. You may have received an IRL Pokemon Go-related injury.

    First Pokemon Go related injury.

    24. And in any case you're probably dealing with a little neck pain.

    Kenneth Hansraj / Surgical Technology International

    I mean it's not like you're gonna hold your phone directly in front of your face like a nerd.

    25. You're always low on Pokéballs, and it's not even cause you're catching high-level Pokémon – you just have terrible aim.


    You've wasted 5+ Pokéballs on a CP10 Pidgey at least once.

    26. So when something good DOES turn up, you have nothing to catch it with.

    When you suck at #PokemonGO and find a super rare fucking Pokémon but have no stupid poké balls 😭😡

    Welp. Bye then.

    27. You're also shit at remembering the names of different Pokémon.


    "Yeah, I totally caught a Mew!"

    28. But even though you suck at Pokémon Go, you still can't stop playing it.

    Maybe you can set some kind of record for having the most Rattatas??

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