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33 Beautiful And Hilarious Pieces Of Advice From Grandmas

"If you can't behave, be careful."

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us some of the best advice they've received from their grandmas. Here are some of the best responses!

1. On covering up stains:

"If you have a stain on your clothing, move around a lot! No one will be able to notice it."

Submitted by rachela40a1083f4

2. On being kind to ghosts:

Submitted by Millieekehoe

3. On sex:

"Sex isn't a sin so long as it's done right." – Grandma imparting her wisdom at the annual family Christmas party.

Submitted by Caitlin Sparks, Facebook

4. On love:

Submitted by Amanda Baker, Facebook
Laura Thorne / Flickr: lauramary

Submitted by Amanda Baker, Facebook

5. On the proper way to eat soup:

My nan taught me how to eat soup, she said you can't just go straight into the middle of the bowl as it's too hot; start from the edges because the bowl will cool it, and then when it's ready, go for the centre.

I know she was just talking about soup, but it's totally a life lesson I've adopted in tricky situations.

Submitted by Michael Ellard, Facebook

6. On affection:

Submitted by abbyn422b25e75
DaDaAce / Flickr: 29051967@N03

Submitted by abbyn422b25e75

7. On doing what you want:

When I was ten I wanted a Barbie; my great-grandmother said "If it isn't hurting anyone and it makes you happy then do it, in a hundred years nobody will give a good goddamn anyway." She bought me the Barbie. I really miss her.

Submitted by Joseph George, Facebook

8. On kindness:

Submitted by Liz Gonzalez, Facebook
Elizabeth Phung / Flickr: lizphung

Submitted by Liz Gonzalez, Facebook

9. On honesty:

"Don't be a chickenshit – tell people how you really feel."

Submitted by Joshua O. Snow Hansen, Facebook

10. On people and their opinions:

"Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one."

Submitted by katrinareneef

11. On making it through tough times:

Submitted by Taylor Jane Brown, Facebook
Eric Shoemaker / Flickr: erokcom

Submitted by Taylor Jane Brown, Facebook

12. On cheating:

My grandmother taught me to play poker when I was five years old. The first time I tried to cheat, she stopped me and said, "Never cheat in a poker game, they'll shoot you!" Best advice ever.

Submitted by Katelyn Del Castillo, Facebook

13. On getting the respect you deserve:

Submitted by Charmin Michelle, Facebook
Joao Santos / Flickr: joaoferraosantos

Submitted by Charmin Michelle, Facebook

14. On bitches:

My grandma is a sassy lady. One day, in the middle of shopping for groceries she just said to me: "Honey, don't trust no bitches." This made me very amused. She's got my back.

Submitted by Jasmin Laurén, Facebook

15. On feeling better:

Submitted by maddyg4d9180e8a
Steven Depolo / Flickr: stevendepolo

Submitted by maddyg4d9180e8a

16. On getting your hands dirty:

"A little dirt never killed ya."

Submitted by jaidap2

17. On going for what you want:

Submitted by meaganm4f83bb210
Tiago Cunha / Flickr: tiagoveigacunha

Submitted by meaganm4f83bb210

18. On making the best of a bad situation:

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and go hang out with someone whose life gave them vodka.

Submitted by annah4be55ae6d

19. On what NOT to look for in love:

The best advice my grandma ever gave me was not to marry a man for his teeth. She said she fell in love with my grandfather because of his beautiful teeth, so she was very disappointed 50 years later.

Submitted by mtanthony

20. On style:

Submitted by carleydaniellea
Elvin / Flickr: 25228175@N08

Submitted by carleydaniellea

21. On important choices:

"Don't get a boyfriend, get a cat."

Submitted by Sadesss

22. On the proper care of ~lady bits~:

"Don't wear underwear to bed, your lady parts need to air out"

Submitted by czartman

23. On keeping a good attitude:

Submitted by chloem4350bba95
Subith Premdas / Flickr: pixotica

Submitted by chloem4350bba95

24. On posture:

"Shoulders back, boobs out!"

Submitted by daniellenicoleg3

25. On being your best:

"It doesn't matter if you're flipping burgers or engineering, so long as you're doing it better than all of the men there."

Submitted by sweetyetunrefined

26. On priorities:

Submitted by lucyrebekahm
Nicholas Erwin / Flickr: nickerwin

Submitted by lucyrebekahm

27. On sex before marriage:

"It's like shopping for shoes. You wouldn't buy a pair of shoes without trying them on first, but you certainly don't need to try on every pair in the store!"

Submitted by amandaa471da4d84

28. On the importance of education:

Submitted by daniellew4d36ecbab
zoghal / Flickr: zoghal

Submitted by daniellew4d36ecbab

29. On men and marriage:

"Be sure about the man you are going to marry. You'll meet a lot of men who are good for only one thing, and they aren't even any good at that."

Submitted by superdogh2l

30. On pushing yourself too far:

"Never wear three pairs of Spanx at the same time."

Submitted by Kaysond

31. On misbehaving:

Submitted by lucys4170b01f2
Pioneer Library System / Flickr: jsyk

Submitted by lucys4170b01f2

32. On getting high:

When my 89 year old grandma was in the hospital she found a pair of surgical sissors and told me "these are good for holding your roach" and then put them in her purse.

Submitted by alialioxenfreee

33. And on life choices:

Submitted by sarahreneef
Ashley Campbell / Flickr: ashleycampbellphotography

Submitted by sarahreneef

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