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    The Beach On Instagram Vs The Beach In Reality

    Here be seagulls.

    1. Driving to the beach on Instagram.

    Driving to the beach in reality.

    PoorUniversityKid / Via

    2. Sand on Instagram.

    Sand in reality.


    3. Drinking at the beach on Instagram.

    Drinking at the beach in reality.

    kelkelox325 / Via

    4. Beach hair on Instagram.

    Beach hair in reality.

    buskey / Via

    5. Dogs on Instagram.

    Dogs in reality.

    CorkyMonster / Via

    6. Sunbathing on Instagram.

    Sunbathing in reality.

    dmcneary / Via

    7. Innocent beach fun on Instagram:

    Innocent beach fun in reality:

    RalphiesBoogers / Via

    8. Lifeguards on Instagram.

    Lifeguards in reality. / Via Hannah Jewell

    9. Beach weather on Instagram.

    Beach weather in reality.

    10. Happy couples on Instagram.

    Happy couples in reality.

    TheAtomicPlayboy / Via

    11. Family outings on Instagram.

    Family outings in reality.

    mainstreetsteve / Via

    12. Swimming in the sea on Instagram.

    Swimming in the sea in reality.

    13. Sandcastles on Instagram.

    Sandcastles in reality.

    Tomwsulcer / Via

    14. Protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays on Instagram.

    Protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays in reality.

    MCC5 / Via

    15. Getting a nice tan on Instagram.

    Getting a nice tan in reality.

    16. Enjoying an ice cream on Instagram.

    Enjoying an ice cream in reality.


    17. Getting buried in the sand on Instagram:

    Getting buried in the sand in reality:

    18. Surfing on Instagram.

    Surfing in reality.

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