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The 29 Most Romantic Things That Have Ever Happened On Public Transport

Is this seat taken?

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1. When a young man wished nothing more than to take away the suffering of a damsel in distress.

2. When a lovestruck Romeo was too shy to show his affection for Juliet.

3. When neither breakfast nor dentistry was an impediment to romance.

4. When a smelly gentleman trusted his heart to the Fates.

Metro / Via Twitter: @dailyedge

5. When a couple were so in love that no kiss was long enough to fulfill their desire.

Twitter: @Tara_LaCross / Thinkstock

6. When a young lady first enjoyed the intimacy of a mysterious gentleman.

7. When a man sought desperately on Craigslist for his lost love, and his lost love's feet.

8. When a happy couple helped make room for others.

9. When a friendly gesture led to something more.

10. When "buzzed hair guy with seashell necklace" taped his love letter to the wall of the train station.

11. When these two subway rats sort of kissed.

12. When an eccentric gentleman met his match on the Northern Line...but was it too late?

13. When this faithful Frenchman begged a beautiful blue-eyed lady to find him.

14. When a considerate boyfriend placed his partner's needs above his own.

15. When a woman won love in a totally non-disgusting manner.

16. When a man remembered Oscar Wilde's wisdom that "To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance."

17. When the slightest gesture could capture the affection of a fellow traveller. / Thinkstock

18. When a lonely lad yearned for a bookish lass.

19. When nothing less than heartfelt flattery would do.

20. When a man caught the bewitching scent of a stranger.

21. When a passionate desire washed over two teenagers in the middle of the station.

22. When a man loved a trolley so much that he just couldn't let it go.

23. When "Creepy Guy" was tragically misunderstood.

24. When a teenager loved his girlfriend so completely that he wanted to shout it from the rooftops, or at least post it to Facebook.

Twitter: @IanKCory / Thinkstock

25. When an amorous commuter took matters into his own hands.

26. When it was love at first snooze.

27. When a hopeless romantic threw caution to the wind.

Metro / Via Twitter: @radio_sarah

28. When a mysterious blonde was drawn like a moth to the flame of one man's self-confidence. / Thinkstock

29. When someone finally realised that even if something is inanimate, it still deserves to be loved.

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