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21 Things All Lazy Cooks Will Understand

You like eating food, you just can't really be bothered to make it.

1. You consider cereal an acceptable meal at any time of the day.

2. And a simple, sad sandwich is a pretty solid dinner by your standards.

3. Although you'd usually rather just eat the ingredients than bother putting together an actual sandwich.

4. If you have a friend, family member, or housemate who cooks...you kind of depend on them for proper meals.

5. But you hopefully always do the washing up for this person.

6. Whoever usually feeds you probably wonders how you feed yourself when they're not there.

7. When you DO cook for yourself, you are more than likely to set off the fire alarm, burn yourself, or both.

8. When you dine out (which is often) you make sure you get as much food as possible.

Of course, eating out all the time means you're broke as hell.

9. You feel a bit guilty about not using your kitchen the way it's meant to be used.

10. You've been known to screw up some pretty simple dishes.

11. You know it's pathetic, but you're the kind of person who buys ready-chopped vegetables.

My Old Man is he laziest cook in the world. He only ever has to cook once in a blue moon..

12. You're probably a big disappointment to your parents.

13. You prefer cooking everything in a single pan to avoid washing up, even when it doesn't really make sense to do so.

Lazyness is when you cook, mix everything in one pot/pan and eat from it .

14. You almost, almost understand Soylent.

15. You've never really understood the appeal of cooking shows.

16. If you ever try to make something you saw on TV (which you almost never care enough to do) it's a bit of a shitshow.

17. And since you're too lazy to practice, you never get any better.

18. Your signature dish is "half a bag of pasta plus ready-made sauce".

19. If people knew how lazy you were about food they would judge you pretty hard.

*buys 20 pack of flour tortillas* *is too lazy to cook* *just eats flour tortillas*

So you keep your terrible habits a secret.

20. The whole ordeal of chopping and stirring and waiting is just too much energy.

Laziest cook in the world @show_nah #SoLazy

That's energy you could be spending watching Dance Moms.

21. But even though you don't understand people who put a ton of effort into every meal, you definitely respect them.