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21 Things All Lazy Cooks Will Understand

You like eating food, you just can't really be bothered to make it.

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11. You know it's pathetic, but you're the kind of person who buys ready-chopped vegetables.

My Old Man is he laziest cook in the world. He only ever has to cook once in a blue moon..


13. You prefer cooking everything in a single pan to avoid washing up, even when it doesn't really make sense to do so.

Lazyness is when you cook, mix everything in one pot/pan and eat from it .


16. If you ever try to make something you saw on TV (which you almost never care enough to do) it's a bit of a shitshow.

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Hopefully if you invite people round to try your impressive TV cooking, you have some backup frozen pizzas.

19. If people knew how lazy you were about food they would judge you pretty hard.

*buys 20 pack of flour tortillas* *is too lazy to cook* *just eats flour tortillas*

So you keep your terrible habits a secret.

20. The whole ordeal of chopping and stirring and waiting is just too much energy.

Laziest cook in the world @show_nah #SoLazy

That's energy you could be spending watching Dance Moms.

21. But even though you don't understand people who put a ton of effort into every meal, you definitely respect them.

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Especially when they're feeding you. THANK YOU, GOOD COOKS.