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    25 Slightly Underwhelming Stories Of People Meeting British Politicians

    Wow these are underwhelming.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about a time they met a British politician IRL. Here are some of the best responses...


    Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

    Carlotta Rauch, Twitter


    "I met former Prime Minister John Major when I was two and offered him my soggy half eaten bourbon biscuit during his speech to open the local pre school, he stopped to politely tell me no thank you."

    – Rosy Sare, Facebook


    Matt Cardy / Getty Images

    – @TheMushyPea, Twitter


    "I once had to hold former Labour Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon up when he slipped on a discarded banana. It had become mashed into the carpet...It was Party conference. I was tasked with guarding the banana-mess to prevent an accident. Hoon didn't see the banana, slipped on it, and grabbed me for support."

    Mike L. Appleton, Twitter


    Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

    – Finlay Carruthers, Facebook


    "I saw Jeremy Corbyn in the Holiday Inn car park in Cardiff city centre, following an appearance at a "Remain" rally a few months ago. All by himself, no security, talking on his phone, wearing his brown jacket, merely 200 metres away from drunk men playing with a dog in the River Taff. He was so vulnerable and it was beautiful."

    – Adam Hale, Facebook


    Sean Gallup / Getty Images


    "I once gave former Lib Dem minister Danny Alexander an Indian dance lesson and told him to relax his shoulders a bit for the movement. Danny responded with: 'I've got the weight of the country on my shoulders.'"

    Kav Kaushik, Twitter


    Graeme Robertson / Getty Images

    Chris Brown, Twitter


    "I once had a conversation with a random man at some event, and asked what he did. He said, 'I'm a Conservative MP.' I apologised for my idiocy. He then said, 'I was a pointless answer on Pointless last week.' It was David Amess. He then clarified that no one had actually picked him on Pointless, just that he was one of the few pointless options."

    Ned Donovan, Twitter


    Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

    Isolde Walters, Twitter


    "I shook hands with John Major after he used a cubicle at Chelmsford Cricket Ground post 97 election. I was waiting to use it. But I think he thought I was waiting to meet him. So he put his hand out. Before washing it, of course..."

    James Montague, Twitter


    Jack Taylor / Getty Images

    Will Hingley, Twitter


    "I bumped into Labour MP Stephen Pound at a bus stop in Ealing while I was drunk and visiting London as a student. I didn't have an Oyster card, blocked the whole bus while trying to find change, so he put the cash down and said 'If you can't bribe a constituent what can you do!' and then we discussed Fulham FC and My Bloody Valentine and I got off the bus."

    Jim Waterson, Twitter


    Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

    Jonathan Liew, Twitter


    "At a Lib Dem conference, I tweeted Danny Alexander to tell him there were macaroons with his face on and two mins later he tapped me on the back saying he'd seen my tweet, he then proceeded to eat a macaroon with his own face on while I watched. It was weird."

    Hannah Thompson, Twitter


    Twitter: @jxsxph

    – @jxsxph, Twitter


    "Tory MP Eric Pickles made me spill tea on my hand when he went past me on a train. I went ouuch, he went ooooh then sat down."

    Matt Lacey, Twitter


    Matt Cardy / Getty Images

    Robin Wilde, Twitter


    "I accidentally trod on Labour mayoral candidate Andy Burnham's foot at Manchester Piccadilly station while waiting for train to Bolton. He told me not to worry."

    Chris Bennett, Twitter


    Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

    Isabella Kaminski, Twitter


    "Whilst on work experience in London, I ended up stood next to former Tory MP Andrew Lansley, at that point the Health Secretary, in my pyjamas at 2am in the morning after the hotel we were both staying in was evacuated."

    – Joshua Godfrey, email


    Graham Turner / Getty Images

    Jill Royson, Twitter


    “Last year Nick Clegg pushed past me to go to the toilet on the train and the person inside hadn’t pressed the extra button to lock the door. Imagine the terrified look of the person sitting there doing their business, when 1) the automatic door slowly opened and 2) the person standing in the doorway was Nick Clegg."

    – Anonymous via Jim Waterson, Twitter


    Carl Court / Getty Images

    @pippalowthorpe, Twitter

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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