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24 Signs You've Found Your Work BFF

If your boss ever saw your emails, you'd definitely both get fired.

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1. You coordinate your tea breaks to catch up on complaining.

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2. You always want the same thing for lunch.

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3. And you have a guaranteed after-work pub partner.

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4. You keep each other well caffeinated.

5. And you know exactly how they take their coffee.

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6. They're the only person that makes office parties (almost) tolerable.

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7. You've shared many a knowing look in a meeting.

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8. You're not afraid to gloat to each other when you do something well at work.

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9. And you're there for each other when things go wrong.

10. If they hear a piece of office gossip, you're always the first to know.

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11. And you know exactly how hungover they are in the morning, and why.

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12. The day's not complete until you've laughed about that one colleague together.

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13. You know every person they have ever had a crush on in the office.

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14. And they know who YOU are desperately, secretly in love with.

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15. You know what job they WISH they had.

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16. And you can tell when they're having a bit of a down day.

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17. If anyone else in the office saw the emails you send each other, you'd both be fired.

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18. You've talked them down from the ledge when they threatened to quit.

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19. Because if they ever quit, you probably would too.

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20. You remember the moment you first shared the details of your personal life.

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21. And oh yeah, you hang out IRL.

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22. You always find a way to get paired up for group work.

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23. And you're actually really good at encouraging each other.

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24. You know that together, you'll take over the world.

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Or at least get a small raise.