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17 People Who Don't Have Friends Anymore

Sometimes you just gotta drop someone from your crew.

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1. This girl got kicked out of her crew.

2. So did this girl. 😕

3. This baby is getting dumped early from his crew.

4. This girl isn't allowed to hang out with skydivers anymore.

5. This child is no longer welcome in his family home.

6. This dog lost his crew, and his car privileges.


7. This kid was kicked off the damn team.

8. This kid isn't in the choir anymore.

9. This guy's crew doesn't tell him when they're going to galleries.

10. This guy didn't get invited to post-race drinks.

11. These three used to be close, but they don't talk much to the guy on the left anymore.

12. This guy isn't friends with any of these people anymore.

13. Nobody likes fifth place.

14. This guy's friends sorta wish they never met him in the first place.

15. This goose is all alone now.

16. This guy really, really misses his crew.

17. And this girl hasn't had a crew in a long time.

She mostly hangs out by herself nowadays.

She mostly hangs out by herself nowadays.