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51 Pugs Who Just Want Halloween To Be Over

These pugs did not ask to be dressed up like unicorns.

1. This pug is deeply traumatised by Halloween.

2. This pug does not want to go trick-or-treating.

3. This pug would like you to know that he is not a panda. He is a pug.

4. This pug feels utterly humiliated.

5. This pug is completely miserable.

6. This pug does not want to be dressed as an elephant anymore.

7. This pug hates Halloween AND Christmas.

8. This pug finds his costume insulting to pugs and firefighters.

9. These pugs are desperate to be set free.

10. This pug hates the over-sexualisation of Halloween.

11. This pug literally cannot wait for it to be November.

12. This pug thinks that life's not fair.

13. This pug is completely furious.

14. This was once a proud pug, before he was forced into a pirate costume.

15. This pug doesn't even like Star Wars.

16. This pug has no idea what's going on.

17. This pug just wants it to end.

18. This pug does not understand why humans do the things they do.

19. This pug is terrified of bats.

20. This pug wishes she could fight back.

21. This pug is crying out for help.

22. This pug doesn't even know what she's meant to be.

23. This pug thinks her owner has too much time on his hands.

24. This pug does not understand why she has been dressed up as a pug.

25. This pug feels very objectified.

26. This pirate pug is depressed.

27. And needs a stiff drink.

28. :(

29. This pugs hate flowers now.

30. This pug is considering taking a dump in his owner's bed later.

31. This is the worst day of this pug's life.

32. This pug doesn't want to be a lobster anymore.

33. "Fuck Halloween." – This pug.

34. "No really, fuck Halloween." – This pug.

35. This pug has never hated Halloween more than he does right now.

36. This pug is in a dark place.

37. This pug hopes that no one will recognise him.

38. This pug is plotting her escape.

39. This pug cannot even bear to look at you.

40. Nor can this pug.

41. This pug cannot remember a time before he was dressed up as a reindeer.

42. This pug is the unhappiest pug in the world.

43. These pugs think their human has gone too far.

44. This pug just wants to GTFO.

45. :( :( :(

46. This pug is pleading for mercy.

47. This pug will have a minor meltdown if he sees himself in a mirror.

48. This pug hoped to stay in and watch the telly.

49. This pug never asked to be dressed up like a lion.

50. This pug has had enough.

51. This pug will never trust anyone again.