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    26 Pictures That Will Ruin Your Weekend

    Hope you didn't have plans.

    1. These horrible...things.

    2. This one tile, ruining everything.

    3. And this brick that cannot be explained.

    4. This experimental salad.

    This is not what I expected when I ordered a Caesar salad

    5. This disaster.

    6. The design of this driveway.

    7. This horrendous situation.

    8. This sickening sight.

    9. This cursed image.

    10. And this one.

    11. These tiles.

    There's a tile conspiracy.

    12. This evil quilt.

    Whose twisted grandmother did this?

    13. This army.

    14. The infuriating location of this "p".

    15. This ketchup-covered pasta.

    Twitter: @saesisumarlida

    The humanity.

    16. This pointless grossness.

    Honestly why do I bother attempting this shit

    17. This monstrosity.

    Sausage, chips and... other stuff... at Varsity, Warwick. Yes, that is a dog bowl. (Pic: @zoecarrington)

    18. This badness.

    19. This disgusting disaster.

    20. The monster who did this.

    21. And this.

    22. These light switches which would be funny if they weren't so horrible.

    23. The kind of terrifying presentation of this food.

    24. This person who doesn't deserve wings.

    25. This outrage.

    26. And this one.

    Holy hell.

    H/T r/mildlyinfuriating and @cursedimages

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