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29 Perfect Accessories For All Women Who Don't Give A F*ck

It's time to decorate your home and body with the power of your misandry.

1. Some lovely bunting for your bedroom.

2. A "not all cinnamen" scented candle.

3. This beautiful bracelet.

4. A friendly, comfortable cushion.

5. These pretty pastel rings.

6. These flattering male tears earrings.

7. This sloth sticker set.

8. Simply stunning nail art.

9. A beautiful, shining ornament.

10. A testicle bean bag.

11. A voodoo doll of a white man in a suit.

12. An embroidered "my cat hates you" wall hanging.

13. A mug to fill with male tears.

This present actually came on #intlwomensday THANK YOUUUU 👸👯💆☕️ @hellodreamphone #misandry

14. A pet praying mantis for inspiration.

#MISANDRY Yo @Megapope another one for your collection?

15. This proud-to-be-bossy banner.

16. A feminist killjoy bracelet.

17. A misandry award.

18. This fine bit of letterpress printing.

19. A fun, flirty t-shirt.

20. The perfect charm for all princesses.

21. These comfortable socks.

Some great socks that you would love @lolitainmyarms #misandry

22. This perfect button.

23. This super cute phone case.

24. A mug that just says "vagina".

25. Vagina best friends stationery.

26. This wise baby bib.

27. This invigorating punching bag.

28. A batch of labels that just say "clitoris".

29. And, to tie it all together, a pet man.