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    15 Passive Aggressive Websites With Absolutely No Chill

    "Sure, don't sign up for our website, if you hate your family." Via The Cruelest Opt-Out Forms on Tumblr.

    1. Media strategist Lydia Laurenson collects examples of websites being dicks. / Via

    You know, the kinds of sites that make you say: "No, I don't like things that are awesome."

    2. Because the kinds of people who don't want CRITICAL ADVICE from IT leaders must be obnoxious know-it-alls. / Via

    "No thanks, I know everything."

    3. People who don't want to set goals on this fitness website obviously lack ambition.

    "I don't have any goals."

    4. Anyone who would rather refrain from this weekly newsletter despise creativity. / Via

    "No thanks, I hate creativity!"

    5. Don't want to read an article that you can only see if you hand over your email address? Fine, continuing poisoning yourself. See if we care. / Via

    "No thanks, I like eating unhealthy food."

    6. Don't want email updates? You are a show-off and an idiot. / Via

    "No thanks, I'll just pay full price."

    7. It's not clear what the point of this form is, but it is clear that if you disagree, it's because you're a dick. / Via

    "No, I love talking to shitty people."

    8. If you don't want to subscribe, you must be the kind of person who likes to fail a job interview. / Via

    "No thanks, I'll just wing it."

    9. Don't want to send your loved ones subscriptions of Men's Health? WHY DO YOU HATE YOUR FAMILY? / Via

    "No thanks, none of my friends or family are worth 99 cents an issue."

    I MEAN.

    10. This one pretty much says, "Disagree? You are a disgrace to your people."

    11. Not interested in cocktail advice? Oh, OK, just go ahead and continue being an embarrassment to your friends. / Via

    "No thanks, I'd rather be an amateur."

    12. Don't want yet another weekly email? No wonder you're so bad at your job. / Via

    "No thanks, I don't value innovation."

    13. Click to win this treadmill unless you're a fucking loser. / Via

    "No thanks, I don't like winning free things."

    14. Don't want to rate the app? Oh, must be because you love ignorance. / Via

    "No, I hate knowledge."


    "No thanks, I'm not a boss."


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