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    17 Photos That Will Make You Say "Me As A Rich Person"

    If I were me, except rich.

    1. When your cats are unruly, but it's OK cause you're rich so you come up with a solution.

    2. When you just really care about the environment, man.

    3. When you fuck up.

    4. When you just want to get to sleep.

    If I were ever rich enough, this would be me.

    5. When you hate crowds.

    me at 1d concerts if i ever get rich

    6. When you hate everyone except your doggie, and also you're really, really rich.

    Woman leaves £1 million to her dog - including an entire house

    7. When you don't have any free hands.

    8. When nobody understands you like your cat does.

    9. When you're crushin'.

    10. When you're hungry but also rich.

    11. When your inheritance comes in. / Thinkstock

    12. When you're online shopping but also you're rich.

    13. When you've got some extra space in the garden so you put it to good use.

    14. When you weren't rich before but then you suddenly are.

    15. When you're protecting the ones you care about.

    16. When you feel a little lonely from time to time.

    17. And when you're just making some new friends.

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